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По умолчанию When Silk was Gold: Central Asian Textiles and China

Good Time, Experts !

East is fine .... and the feeling of the East even hard to put into words - it's like a fabulous palette eastern intoxicating flavors in food, incense , can turn the head and disappear in an instant . It spawned East Silk and enveloped the whole world that the finest braided nity when covered with body embraces the feel of a fingernail .
I am Russian, sometimes yearn to be born Scheherazade , traveling through the waves of Eastern beauties ........
fascinated ......... all , has already returned to his body and Russian to my forum thread - When Silk was Gold ! It is with this book online I have friends - reading is straightforward (original English , ) , but symbols of a particular dynasty do not line up a clear picture ..... Well this is understandable, because it always comes with new information our memory - then settles like sand after a storm ...

East guru help to deal with a silk cloth - a decent slice. stretched on plywood 50 * 60 cm ( approximate size ) , physical sensations of matter are just fabulous , gold thread weaving its way through the entire aristocratic figure , accent lines , and in some places only glare - like a golden haze .... tried to deal with the weave - to attach web to date ..... hehe , I will not dare to express their conclusions. fashionista interest - which could be used this silk?
I welcome your opinions!
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По умолчанию

Photos of course not 100%of the information .... In my opinion this "representative" <! - ~ 1 ~ -> French chinoiserie 18th century.
Usually tissue such as this were used as interior .....
Мир вам, добрые люди!

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Этот пользователь сказал Спасибо VeraZili за это полезное сообщение:
Time Catcher (01.03.2014)
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По умолчанию

VeraZili, in - truth century live - and learn .....

Chinoiserie ? , Shinuazeri ? (from Fr . chinoiserie), literally kitayschina - use of motifs and stylistic devices of medieval Chinese art in European painting , arts and crafts , costume design in gardens and parks of the XVIII century. Chinoiserie is a stylistic direction that developed as a branch of the rococo style . Chinoiserie - a type of Orientalism , and, more broadly, exoticism . However, this interest has been very superficial, without penetration in Eastern philosophy , deep into the meaning of ancient art.

Added after 2 minutes
Time Catcher, waiting for a specialist opinion on textiles from New York ..... see where it takes us send <! - ~ 7 ~ ->

Added after 14 minutes
Time Catcher, the answer of New York: Thank you for pictures your textile is 18th century Chinese made for European market.

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