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По умолчанию Prices for contemporary art

Frieze Art Fair will determine the demand for contemporary art

At this year's London Art Fair Frieze, which opens on October 13, will be presented to the art objects on the $ 350 million , 25 million less last year. It is reported by Bloomberg , citing data from the insurance company Hiscox.

As the agency , Frieze has traditionally focused on the art of living artists , and art -fair profit is an important indicator for determining the demand for contemporary art. This year, experts expect increased interest from buyers , but also focusing on Chinese investors who are actively buying works of art at auction.

Fair , which is considered one of the largest contemporary art, this fall will draw 173 galleries from 33 countries, and their works represent more than a thousand artists. From Russia in the Art Fair will take part gallery " Regina" and XL ...


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   It is clear that this nonsense Oversize fantasy impact on the market. And calculate the price range is particularly difficult for unknown artists: they = lower administrative structure, ie for example - merchandisers . In merchandisers salary in Ukraine is from 200 euros , 450 fellows pay . That count , the picture should be adequately unknown , from 150 euros to 250 euros ( 2nd Month) . And even cheaper.
The same price and in Moscow, and in Spain. I think these prices are starting to begin to sell European artists. But the artist has to organize their production in order to be cost effective and supplied from 10-20 euros. It is an organization of production and sales of (specific ) allow the artist to easily live to adult fees .

Последний раз редактировалось Artoil-A; 31.07.2013 в 19:55.
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I eat cabbage soup and not once in my life did not eat sushi.
<! - ~ 1 ~ ->

And rightly so, sushi terrific source of parasitic helminths.
Would have lived and suffered, and did not know what to ..

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Discus powerful .... probably should at some point all the same

close the topic

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powerful discus .... probably should at some point all the same

close the topic
Well, this is something you are very categorical.

That's the same party, read the topic and wanted to reply to the message three years ago.
Well is it?
All right.
<! - ~ 1 ~ ->

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LCR, a very wealthy article , especially when touched upon supercedes somewhere beyond bumpy hill , where there is at least the tip of the market "clean" sales. Although the latter claim, " the arts are all very subjective, so " normal " price is the one that the buyer agrees to pay " - probably the only truthful authorized

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nikola (31.08.2017)
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can't be cheap. It is not only the cost of consumables (and they are quite expensive), but the time expenditure.
A widespread belief, but in practice, buyers of art based on other criteria and not on the elapsed time and expensive materials. Many of the paintings are cheaper spent them on quality paints and canvas. Conversely, a masterly stroke of a talented artist with a cigarette on the wrapping paper costs money.
AI в Telegram: https://t.me/artinvestmentru

AI на Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/artinvestment

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K-Maler (29.06.2018), kron (10.08.2018)

contemporary art

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