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По умолчанию Antique lives in Ukraine: the collection, antique houses, invest

Boasts the most profitable investments are collectors, who began collecting antique paintings of domestic artists (Ukraine) had 5-10 years ago. Rise in prices is impressive. If in the middle of the 90 canvases by 1950-1970. Nicholas Hlushchenko or Sergei Shishko can be bought for $ 1-5 thousand, but now the account goes to dozens, even hundreds of thousands of dollars. Moreover, despite high prices, demand for the work of these artists are not falling.

Demand as contemporaries Glushchenko and bumps - Adalbert Erdelyi and Tatiana Yablonskaya. Popular and masters of an earlier period: Alexander Murashko, Nicholas Pimonenko, Sergei Vasilkovsky, Sergei Svetoslavsky, but find their work much harder. The latest trend - the representatives of the Carpathian school Andrei Kotzk, Ivan Trush, Fedor Manaylo, Joseph Bokshay, Anton Kassai. Their work in the market is still a lot, but they are rapidly becoming more expensive.

Читать дальше... 
is the most expensive domestic artists are representatives of the vanguard of the early twentieth century, Victor Palma Vasyl Yermilov and Alexander Bogomazov. Their paintings are selling well and at foreign auctions. Also great demand of Ukrainian sculptor Alexander Archipenko, who had lived most of his life in exile. Prices for his works reach $ 300-500 thousand in the West, but increasingly the work of all Ukrainians are buying their compatriots, or their nearest neighbors.

In Ukraine, an ancient art in general is worth three to four times more expensive than in Europe. But at the same time assess the volume of domestic antique market, none of his players just is not taken. "Approximately 200-300 million dollars" - refers to a possible figure of Alexander Bray, founder of the salon "Antique Center". However, all calculations in the field of antiques are approximate, because none of the sellers of antiquity does not advertise its most successful deals, and their customers prefer not particularly shine. "We can not assess what is not legal. And we, unfortunately, the antique market at 99%is in the underground "- categorical co-owner of the gallery" Estamp "Victor Fedchishin.

The main reason - the imperfection of the legislation. For example, when importing antiquities collector in the Ukraine had to pay half of its value as VAT and duty exemptions. Nevertheless, even such an unfavorable system does not stop many local millionaires. And in the near future, confident antiquarians, the situation will change for the better.

   Alexander Bray

Founder of the salon and antique auction house, Antik-Center ", the expert" All my conscious life is connected with the art "- recognized as the founder of one of the oldest Ukrainian antique shops Antik-Center" Alexander Bray. In 1974, the 20-year-old Alexander in the world of collectors of ancient art introduced his uncle, the collector still Soviet quenching. "He has a house going to other collectors, poets and writers. Going into this circle, I love art. Before that I was, and speculators, and who yet was not, and this hobby saved me ", - confessed one of the most experienced local antique dealers.

Passion at first simply allowed to fill their free time and make interesting acquaintances. Engineer on the first education, Mr. Bray in parallel with the main activity has collected a good collection of paintings of the Silver Age - from the masters of the World of Art "to the artists of" Jack of Diamonds ".

Then the hobby turned into work. "I began to organize exhibitions, has worked with museums including the Museum of the History of Kiev, has traveled the Union and met with many collectors," - says an antiquary.

This business case has become a favorite in 1991, simultaneously with the proclamation of independence of Ukraine. In the 93-m in the "Antique-Center" held in Kiev, the first auction. "It was a sensation. We gathered the old collectors, art historians, the first business "- describes the activities of its initiator, that time has received more and artistic education.

Today Antik-Center "- is the auction house, exhibition center and salon. "We have an antique shop, which sells furniture, bronzes, porcelain, there is a separate store of Soviet art and the exhibition hall of exhibitions and auctions," - depicts a broad profile of its business, Mr. Bray.

And in the future to narrow the scope of an art dealer no plans. After all, interest in the ancient art among local collectors is growing, and high-quality, pedigree, as they are called Mr. Bray, objects become smaller. Trust as collectors can only kingpins in this market, and "Antique Center" - one of them.

"All the best works in private collections - from my cabin, - the antique dealer, no less confidently stating: - Everyone who works in this market - or my students, or somehow connected with me. And all who came after me - worse. I continue to work the best.
   Viktor Fedchishin

Co-owner of the gallery "Estamp, expert and litsetator (leading) the auction house" Four Corners "

The architect for Education Victor Fedchishinu fascination with ancient paintings and antiques had by inheritance from their parents. "Since childhood, being surrounded by beautiful things, became interested in" - he said.

Interest in 34-year-old gallery owner and auctioneer brings good dividends. Relatively young gallery "Estamp (founded in 2002) and more young auction house" Four Corners "(in force since 2006) have already gained prestige among collectors who are not indifferent to the classical Ukrainian and Russia's Painting XIX-XX centuries.

The main secret of his success Viktor Fedchishin finds love of art. "Business without the love of his work is impossible", - he says flatly. Just sell well enough. "You have to focus, study books, go to museums, - says Mr. Fedchishin. - What, incidentally, many are neglected, and then wonder why they did not work. To my question: "When you were last in the museum?" Answer: "Why should I go there? There is nothing for sale.
Sergey Tabalov

Art dealer, gallery director "Artkapital"

Gallery Artkapital "There is only a year, and its director - the youngest in the domestic antiques market. And practically the only one with profile training: 22-year-old gallery owner, graduated from the Faculty of Arts at the British University of Essex and unlearn at the Institute of the Arts at Sotheby's with a degree in theory and practice of art dealership.

Now, Mr. Tabalov - a freshman again, this time Kirovohrad Pedagogical University. "Study special drawing teachers of junior classes. This is a useful education for an art: it is necessary to understand the structure of work, the use of colors, all the nuances, "- he explains the choice.

With this systematic approach, of course, not without parental influence. Father Sergei Alexander Tabalov - owner of the corporation "formula Smaku" and collector of antiques with many years of experience. It was he who organized the "Artkapital", specializing in Russian and Ukrainian paintings and decorative art XIX-XX centuries.

Now with the gallery built auction house. "There will be presented to different segments of the arts, planned logistics department. All in the best houses in Paris and London "- describes Tabalov Jr. ambitious family project.
   Fyodor Zernetsky

Founder and owner of the salon and antique auction house, "Epoch"

Founded in 1993, antique company "Epoch" did not come out of nowhere. The basis for the passenger compartment, and then the auction house has become a restoration workshop. The idea to do antique furniture, which became the main ridge "Age", also came not from the air. "I have a family of hereditary architects and antiques - it is the architecture: the furniture, accessories, chandeliers - this used to create all the architects, it is only now appeared the word" design "- the owner explains his position" Epochs "Fedor Zernetsky.

"Today," Epoch "- monopoly in the market of antique furniture" - says Mr. Zernetsky. His firm not only restores and sells antiques interior, but also builds houses, furnishes them with furniture, specially made according to old patterns. Last achieve the company - project to restore the Metropolitan's house in St. Sophia Cathedral. "This is the first in the history of Ukraine the draft, where the restored museum environment will be used authentic antiques" - proudly says Mr. Zernetsky that over than it is now working.

Honors antique firms recognize and colleagues Zernetskogo. "One of the distinguished people appreciated me and my business in $ 50 million - without false modesty is divided antiquary. - I asked: "Why?" And he replied: "I appreciated your brains, your market position and brand."
   Leonid Komsky

Founder of the antique salon and auction "Dukat"

Leonid Komsky - the founder of one of the most prestigious antique shops of Kiev. Antique business he started in the mid-1990, and before that worked in the music school and in publishing. "We have published books on philosophy, cultural studies, art history, so that the art came easily and naturally", - says Mr. Komsky on change activities.

However, talking about a radical change of profile is not necessary, because antiques has long been a passion of Mr. Komskogo. "The first gave impetus father. He collected coins, was the country's largest specialist numismatist. And at first I was interested for hours, then the icons ", - said collector and antiquarian. His salon "Ducat" today specializes in icons, as well as the ancient Ukrainian art.

His work, Mr. Komsky still calls passion. "Antiques offers incredible positive emotions, but collecting - is a drug, an incurable disease" - he warned. And in order to achieve success in the field of ancient art, you must be a fan of his case. "I have so happens: you wake up, say, on Sunday with the thought:" Aha! I knew it was a vase! "- And the faster you run a job" - opens the door of his professional kitchen antiquary.

Captains antique business in Ukraine.
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Leonid Komsky
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По умолчанию Information on Transcarpathian artists

Here is information on the Transcarpathian artists
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По умолчанию Gallery Estamp, interesting galleries Ukraine

Gallery Estamp "was opened on April 1, 2002. The main focus of the gallery is full support for collecting, as well as exhibitions and sales of a collection of paintings.

The collection galleries of classic Ukrainian and Russian paintings and works of European artists of XVIII - early XX centuries.

Activities Gallery "Estamp" aims to create comfortable conditions for the formation and development of private collections.

Gallery Estamp "working closely with collectors, public and private museums. The result of fruitful collaboration was the project "Ukraine classic. Within the project there are thematic exhibitions from private collections, published catalogs


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По умолчанию Auction House, "Golden Section"

Auction House, "Golden Section" was founded in 2004. During its existence was held on 6 auctions, 3 fair, exhibition Ya Basov. The main activity is - direct sales of art objects, arranging exhibitions, auctions and sales to sell works of art.

The main thrust of "Golden Section" - painting of the Soviet period (1930-1980-e gg.), Non-conformism, contemporary art, Russian Orthodox icon of the XVI-beg. Twentieth centuries.
Internet directories past auctions:

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Art-Kiev, Ukrainian Painting

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