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Talking Oh, great and mighty!

I am the
Leonid Golovanov

In the late 60's, more than forty years ago, the entire country in unison built VAZ - Volga Automobile Plant. And then he slipped into a AvtoVAZ: long-known and familiar to all the name. And no one asks - and what it means, what is the point? After all, "as you call it a boat, so it will float ...

So usyademsya Sit back, close our eyes and focus. Breath - breathe out, our hands are heavy and swell the blessed warmth, our mind focuses on the well-known acronym ... WHA - a Volga Automobile Plant. A AvtoVAZ - are ... Right: The car Volga Automobile Plant.

Nothing alarming?

Читать дальше... 
Remember, as in the joke about Baden-Baden: "Why should I repeat, I am not deaf." We have that, we want someone to assure that the WHA is actually producing cars? Hence, implicitly, subconsciously still doubt? And so, that do not write Avaz, and AvtoVAZ!

Automobile Volga car "- is not just a tautology, shea butter, as well as the linguists say, inappropriate semantic pleonasm! Can there be a happy fate of the company, which in its very title is a meaningless pleonasmos, that is an exaggeration?

If vazovtsam necessarily be in that whatever the cost to keep the title two adjectives "car", from the viewpoint of the same semantic linguistics better to put them one behind another, turned out to Vaasa - Volga Automobile-car plant. Then we no longer pleonasm, and duplication, that is increased by the double meaning of repetition. Difference? Principal! For example, in Indonesia, the word «suka» means "beautiful", and suka-suka - already "excellent". So Vaasa - is actually the Volga Automobile Works! In an excellent (suka-suka!) Degree.

And to completely get rid of the oppressive legacy of the old name, you need to restore justice. Because the idea of VAZ was called TAZ - Togliatti automobile plant. But understand the importance of naming in the USSR, and therefore came up with the epithet of "Volga".

Meanwhile, the truth of what we have ... Volga GAZ! He also stands on the banks of the great Russian river, and in addition produces - alas, let - Volga cars. But instead, the second largest domestic automobile center in Nizhny Novgorod, the Gorky called - in honor of the nickname of the great proletarian writer Aleksei Maximovich Peshkov, author of the play "The Lower Depths" and the poem "Song of the Stormy Petrel." Let the tempest will break! In the shops of gas?

Bitter, comrades ...

I propose to rename the GAS in NAZ, Nizhny Novgorod automobile plant - as he was called in the beginning, in 1932. Or NiNAZ.

As for Vaasa, then perhaps we rename the city itself - well, who now interested in a great friend of the USSR Italian communist (they say, to the same and a terrorist) Palmiro Togliatti? Return the original name of the Stavropol-on-Volga bad: this something the city disappeared in the depths of the sea during the construction of the Kuibyshev hydroelectric station ... Only spawn sinister joke about "accursed place". And then, for a positive naming it will give us anything: Stasi? SWATI?

Then propose to rename Togliatti in Autograd. And we will have no WHA and das - Avtogradsky automobile.

And if you do pereimeneymingom, then ... Why VAZ, GAZ, TagAZ, UAZ, KAMAZ, we called on the Soviet geographically-abbreviaturnomu principle, and Autotor and IZH-Auto - for another? Disorder. Kaliningrad Avtotor propose to rename the Kalaz and IZH-Auto - in IAZ. Or IzhAZ. How can you not remember that the brothers Ukrainians gathered in Uzhgorod cars Skoda ...

And why should we make exceptions for the assembly plants of foreign companies? Came to Russia, climbed into the back - be called penny!

So, the Ford plant in Vsevolozhsk - it VseAZ. Enterprise Toyota Shushary - Shaz. Or ShushAZ? However, there is a problem - even in Shushary and General Motors. ShushAZ-1 and ShushAZ-2? You can wiggle out as follows: Toyota - is Shaz, plant General Motors - is ShushAZ. And if the neighborhood still build the factory Suzuki, it will ShusharAZ.

But Peter is still under factory Nissan, and will soon earn another - Hyundai-Kia. How would call them ... Who said "PiterAZ"? Since the Kamenka industrial zone is located within the St. Petersburg Ring Road, I propose Nissanit abbreviation Chase - St Petersburg automobile. A company Hyundai-Kia will be called ShuvAZom - in honor of the neighborhood Shuvalovo, not to mention about the first vice-premier of Russia.

Volkswagen in Grabtsevo - of course, GrabAZ. Neighboring plant producing truck Volvo, so be it, will KaluzhAZ. Sollers plant in Naberezhnye Chelny - NaChAZ (one of the cars produced there could be renamed NachAZ Calif.).

But what to do with the Moscow Avtoframos ... I can not guess. MAZ? It is in Minsk. MoskvAZ? StolAZ - Capital automobile? KremAZ - Kremlin automobile? ZIL - Plant behalf Luzhkov? Then what to rename the plant ZIL?

In short, the question of Autoframos can make to public discussion. And yet - here are two projects which directly raise the domestic auto industry to the level above the world.

First: uniting car factories in Ulyanovsk, Nizhni-Novgorod, Izhevsk and Togliatti (or in Taganrog). AND ... No, better Rosavto.

But the second sentence - just a win-win, although it will require more investment. Building two new automobile plant. First - in Ingushetia, in the town of Karabulak. Or, in the Chelyabinsk region in Karabash. Second - in Barabanov. Why there? Because both Automobile - Karabulakskiy (or Karabash) and Barabanovsky can be combined into a powerful alliance that will necessarily destroy the competitors simply by virtue of his formidable name. Tremble, Renault-Nissan and FIAT-Chrysler - the scene goes KarabAZ-BarabAZ!

Funny? But in the USSR siting businesses and solved, not to mention about the naming - the policy, indicating again. Until now rashlebat can not ...

So let us now be Toyota and Ford, but not Shaz and VseAZ. But AvtoVAZ and GAZ renamed, perhaps, necessary. Let the Togliatti plant will be at least just Vaz, without tautologies and pleonasm, or even better - OAO Lada. A GAS - OAO Volga. To them easier swimming.

Be optimistic. Happy New Year!

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