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In an ideal case.
But in life,
But in real life: Fakes ... Fakes ...http://forum.artinvestment.ru/showth...BB%D0%BA%D0%B8
 fuflovyh and hundreds of paintings from the auction houses of France, the USA, Germany, imported to be sold in Russia ..

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OlegTsi, an episode just to play in the minus for Christie.
Indeed, you know. First on the auction are asked to send photos. If the photo had no doubt, then offer to deliver the work itself.

I was so when Sotheby's sold his work.
And was that, after viewing the photo expert wrote that the work is questionable.
At this all ends.
And nothing has nowhere been sent.

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And nothing has nowhere been sent.
When it comes to the important and expensive work, it is often visited by representatives of the owner of the auction house. In this case, neither the photo nor the work itself did not cause the slightest doubt in representatives of the Russian department at Christie as the work was already de facto "legalized" before the same Christie's.

There are occasions when a prestigious auction is fake, sold at a later time and put up for auction again successfully exits. In the meantime, this work, is already in private collections can be seen by an expert and can be made specific conclusions. In order to get rid of such work, the owner gives it back to the same auction. And so it goes a few times within the same auction house. Claims to the owner of the painting such an auction can not be displayed, because it himself and sold it ... One only has to appear for such work outside of the auction - may have new doubts and questions.

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Summer Fishing on the lake in the woods "" Elijah Ostroukhova ", friends who have photos?
Нажмите на изображение для увеличения
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ID:	875492  

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Евгений (20.07.2010)

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