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Association of Artists of Revolutionary Russia

(AHRR; from 1928 - Association of Artists of the Revolution - AChRs) - founded in Moscow in May 1922, at the same time adopted the Charter, approved name, is formed (the President of PA Radimov, deputy chairman Anatoly Grigoriev , Secretary EA Katsman). May 1, 1922 at the Kuznetsk bridge opened "Exhibition of paintings by artists
realist movement in famine relief ", which later became regarded as the first exhibition AHRR.
  The main objective of the Association saw the creation of genre paintings of scenes from contemporary life, in which they developed the tradition of painting the Wanderers. Ahrovtsy fought with leftist trends in art, applied, in their view, great harm realistic painting, sought to prove the existence of details please easel painting scene, fought with the slogan "art for art's sake. The first members AHRR became its founders: AE Arkhipov, FS Bogorodsky, AV Grigoriev, NI Dormidontov, EA Katsman, V. Karev, N. Kotov,
SV Malyutin, SA Pavlov, SV Ryangina, NB Terpsichore, B. Yakovlev, Vladimir Yakovlev, and others
Читать дальше... 
The organization grew rapidly. By the summer of 1923 the Association had about three hundred members, began to emerge of its regional and national affiliates, by 1926 there were about forty. Among the first up subsidiaries in Leningrad, Kazan, Saratov, Samara, Nizhny Novgorod,
Tsaritsyn, Astrakhan, Yaroslavl, Kostroma, Rostov-on-Don. In AHRR collectively poured into members of other artistic obedineniy.Tak, in 1924 the Association included in their new society of painters in 1926 - Group bubnovaletovtsev "in 1929 - artists from the association" Genesis ", 1931 Society of the Four art. Among those who joined the AHRR was
many artists who have received recognition before the October Revolution: VN Baksheev, I. Brodsky, VK Byalynitsky-Birula, N. A. Kasatkin, BM Kustodiyev, EE Lancere, FA Malyavin, I. Mashkov, Kuzma Petrov-Vodkin, A. Rylov, KF Huon etc.
      In 1920-ies. The Association acquired an increasing number of supporters enjoyed the support of the state and strengthened their positions, gathering new structures. Thus, in 1925 on the initiative of students of the Leningrad artistic moskvskih and universities to form an association of youth AHRR - OMAHRR, which soon acquired the status of an autonomous organization with its charter.
      The main activity AHRR in 1920-ies. steel exhibition. The decade of its existence took eleven major exhibitions. In addition, ahrovtsy participated in the XVI International Exhibition of Art in Venice
(1928), in Art and Industry show the Soviet Union in New York (1929), and also showed an independent exhibition in Cologne 1929. Along for the period 1923-31 gg. been more than seventy exhibitions branches AHRR. Ahrovtsy put in its pravktiku thematic principle exhibitions: "The life and the life of the Red Army" (1922), "Living and working life" (1922), Revolution, Life and Work "(1924 and 1925)," The Art of the masses "(1929) etc.
      In 1924 was established publisher of AHRR, which produced color reproductions, postcards, albums, and exhibition catalogs. From 1929 ahrovtsy magazine "Art in the mass (left twenty rooms).
Activities of the Association was discontinued in 1932, a special PostanovleniemTsK CPSU (b).

Вложение 17795
Radimov, Pavel, painter, poet
Вложение 17815
Arkhipov, Abram Yefimovich, artist

Вложение 17355
Yakovlev, Boris Nikolayevich, artist
Вложение 17365
Yakovlev, Vasily Nikolaevich, Academician, painter

Вложение 17375
Malyutin, Sergey V., artist
Вложение 17385
Juon, Konstantin Fedorovich, artist

Вложение 17395
Kustodiyev, Boris, artist
Вложение 17405
Petrov-Vodkin, Kuzma Sergeevich, artist


Arkhipov, Abram Yefimovich. A peasant woman in pink. 1910
Вложение 17805
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Сообщение от Eugene Посмотреть сообщение
In Russia there were about 200 different groups and areas, but interesting in my opinion 10-15, about them and you can write. (Within 5-6 days), just not interesting.
This is for the beginning and then a lot on this subject will be written.
Not uninteresting, but ... that's an appropriate quote:
"The consciousness of acting as a mechanism to protect against excessive amounts of modern communications and rejects all the information that it can not" cheated ".
Читать дальше... 
It takes only the new information that corresponds to the current state of consciousness. And discards everything else ... The According Harvard psychologist George Miller, the brain of the average man is unable to retain information for more than seven "segments" at the same time. That is why all the lists you want to remember, usually consist of seven points. ... And this is for the category in which a person has a strong interest. In the category of low interest average person remembers no more than one or two points. Dzh.Traut, Al Ries "Positioning". By the way their books are very readable and in their specific tips on how to find a way into people's minds. And about how their boards are effective can be gauged by the fact that the authors of these councils themselves have been using for many years and with great commercial success

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Not interested,
If you have interesting information on this topic, please write.

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Russian artists, painters, Soviet, the Soviet imressionizm

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