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По умолчанию Engelina Tareeva: a bit of beauty, Georgia, love

Authors blog Tareeva E. .. (One of the most read on the internet).
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".... I wanted to understand, nor that there is beauty, why are people so its appreciated. Why is it important and expensive (we will not dissemble) kindness, talent and intelligence. Even in the cash for more expensive: the price of works of art, the price of your trip in a particularly beautiful place, in general, what we are willing to pay just to look at the beauty and see it for a moment, but do not get it. In what was the matter? Beauty is not feeding, not warm, not in the medical illness, not prolong life. Why is it we so cherish? .. "
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Another interesting entry ..
I love Georgia
"... Love Georgia, easily and naturally, because she is beautiful. The man who does not like Georgia, not to belong to the Russian educated society. Georgia has always been the primary romantic love Russia. She loved Pushkin and wrote about it. His work is interesting over the poem "On the hills of Georgia." In the first option, it begins with the line: "All quiet on the Caucasus is the night mist." But Pushkin dauntless hand threw this beautiful line, because he felt - it does not convey the mood of the Georgian nature, which is its soul. Indeed, all is quiet, the Caucasus is the night mist. "There is some anxiety," is "- is a movement, something is coming, and welcome to bring a mist?" And he replaced it with another string: "Over the hills Georgia is the night mist. "In the run-off - rest. And the fact that for the sake of poetic size we have to do in the word" hills "unusual stress suddenly gives verse hill ...."
Read more: http://tareeva.livejournal.com/7736.html#cutid1
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Something about love
".... And often the favorite are those whom I do not think women - cold, indifferent, selfish, predator, shark women that use the love for her to retrieve all sorts of benefits. Why not? "Why do men choose them, shove his head in that noose ? This can be a long time to reason, to analyze this phenomenon of well-known historical examples: Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Alexander Blok, Vladimir Mayakovsky, but everyone will find an example among their friends ... "
Read more http://tareeva.livejournal.com/12714.html#cutid1

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