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Post Interesting sales orders, coins and medals at the European auctions

Despite the fall in stock market indices, the numismatic market continues to grow. Bidding auction houses Kunker and Gorny & Mosch once again demonstrated the high investment attractiveness of Russian coins and medals. Most of the lots sold well above estimate, and prices break new records.

10 October 146 auction Kunker sold Swedish 5 kopecks in 1764 to 115 000 euros. Traditionally expensive platinum 12 rubles left over 70 000 euros and the medal "For useful" bought over 90 000. The past week later, 173 Gorny & Mosch auction showed even more impressive results. Ruble John Antonovich in 1741 sold more than 86 000 euro and ruble novodelny Peter III in 1762 to 74 750 euros, the same cost ruble Paul I in 1796.

The most expensive coin in the auction was Imperial in 1887, which is estimated to be 97 750 euros. Users have cost even more expensive: a gold award medal "19 February 1861", known in only four copies left over 138 000 euros, the same cost the medal "For work on the device of the peasants in the Polish kingdom." Bronze Medal in 1791, which awarded the Chukchi, who have taken citizenship, Russia, sold more than 111 000 euros.

Even amazing, unknown to any directory, a gold medal "Deputies Committee on the compilation" New Code "with three anachronistic spelling errors become the most expensive lot of the auction and sold for 161 000 euros.

/Source "Auction House Empire"

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