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По умолчанию The story about Boris Sveshnikov

We saw in the section "Assessment" - people were asked to rate schedule Sveshnikov. I remembered the story, there did not write, but wanted to share.
In 1992 I made another, failure, attempt to learn English. I found courses, the class of 10 people. A teacher - a woman aged 60-65 years. In view of the former nobility. Small, but posture and attitude, just tuned on the seriousness and discipline. I as always truant and did not do their homework. But for some reason it asked me for help.
We had something to carry. It turned out paintings from the Tretyakov Gallery, the new on the Crimean Val. They came to Stalin's house, I took pictures of the apartment. And to leave, but after some doubts, invited to drink tea. With the words that usually does not let anyone, because it flat - it is a museum of her husband, an artist. I entered: huge ceilings, and all four feet of the wall hung pictures of Boris Sveshnikov. Then the name meant nothing to me, but the picture fascinated. For three hours, I looked at and admired, and she told me the tragic fate of both of them. And Stalin's era and her husband's illness and her recent years to sign him (because could not) and I signed the book, autographed by her husband, saying that he take this as a sign, any examination will confirm. Also said that the painting does not sell or would want to leave them in the museum headquarters.
   In two or three, I went to a gallery owner friend in the cabinet, and on the wall of one of his paintings from the Sveshnikov. I just out of hand, saying where you Sveshnikov? He was surprised by my knowledge and told him that he had just arrived the young man, offered from the collection left by a relative of several paintings, and for early (seen him someone incorrectly suggested) would like more than the later ones, and my friend, gallery owner, bought for $ 3000 per . With the words - a good artist will be more expensive. And I realized that my wife Sveshnikov - died, and the museum it has not happened. After two years in the CHA in 1999-2000, I had already seen the work of the smaller size for $ 20,000. And now, under $ 100,000.

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This story is monstrous in its banality.
Got inherited some relatives - and empty, figuratively speaking, with a hammer. The first time I heard about the sale of heritage Sveshnikov from a man who has no connection with art, who was acquainted with one of the heirs, and he lectured a few drawings - well, now he is happy.

Some artists are lucky - their heirs to devote their lives to work with the remaining work - for the love of the artist and his legacy.

But more often quite the opposite: the artist is to die - and somewhere there are heirs to whom his work is profoundly indifferent, they are only interested in the sound of coins, and they are capable of anything.
Oblivious of their responsibilities - to restore, catalog, exhibit, publish books, odinm short, to take care of the legacy of the artist, they remember only their rights, in their haste they had agreed to sell everything on the cheap - the paintings do not, one or two, all still get a thick packet of cash.
And what about squabbles, they Maral artist's name - and this proiom that he is no longer in the world, he can not defend either his work or himself ...
Examples of this - legion.

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very very sad, very sorry wife of the artist!

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I wanted to add texture to history, delved into the internet and suddenly found interesting facts.
Turns Boris Sveshnikov died in 1998. It turns out when I had them, he was still alive. At the end of his life blind. Now I understand why the wife signed for him.
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Thank you very much for the story. His wife signed him for his work?

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