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Arrow The "Young Artists of Moscow"

Moscow Union of Artists
State Exhibition Hall Manege Central
Exhibition Hall at the Kuznetsk bridge, 11
Exhibition Hall at the Kuznetsk bridge, 20
represent project

"Young Artists of Moscow
New arena GD 6-17 May 2009 Opening May 6 at 16.00
VZ Kuznetsk Bridge, 11, 16 June-5 July 2009
VZ Kuznetsk Bridge, 20, 16 June-26 June. Opening June 16 at 16.00

In May and June 2009 at the central exhibition grounds of Moscow will develop the exposition of the anniversary exhibition project "Young Artists of Moscow 30": thirtieth exhibition of works by young authors, organized by the Moscow Union of Artists. It will show works of a wide range of styles and directions: from realism to abstraction, from the traditional forms of art to the objects and installations.

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Exhibitions of works of young artists are held regularly MA (previously - MOSH) with the first half of 1950. At a time when solo exhibitions beginning artists were exceptional rarity, only similar - big cathedral exhibition - give young artists the opportunity to declare itself. Therefore, as a rule, it is the "junior" scene of the most striking events of artistic life in Moscow. The best works of the exhibition reflected the dynamics of domestic art in the past 50 years, and the names, they are open, entered the history of Russian art in the second half of XX century.

In the first exhibition of young artists in Moscow attended by G. Korzhev, N. Andronov, VP Nikonov, D. Žilina, V. Stozharau, E. Bulatov, E. Bragovsky, O. Komov, A. Pologova, M. Kurilko-Ryumin, B . Uspensky, O. Savostyuk, I. Golitsyn and other artists, now have become classics of the domestic arts. In the 50's dominated the picture, reflecting the experiences of the Great Patriotic War, to the 60 th they were replaced by the characters "severe style", the heavy romantic and heroic work. Times change, changed and expanded range of topics, but the creativity of young artists has always been and remains a living, active response to the mood and events of our time.

Now contemporary art space in Moscow gives far greater opportunities to the young author, intending to show their creativity viewer. However, youth exhibition USDA continues to occupy a key position to form a new creative generation. By combining the efforts of young artists, they help them to reach the orbit of the exhibition, can find their location and preferences in art, quite fully and objectively reflect the situation in contemporary art - in the part that is in the field of plastic traditions.

Strict selection of works, the high status of the exhibition, the exhibition is inevitable in the team competition stimulates creative youth show the most serious, mature work, with original plastic and imaginative solutions containing fresh and profound statement about the world.

Moscow Union of Artists retain the traditions: the choice of works and the formation of the exposition by young artists on a par with "masters", there is no strict thematic framework (this year as the main topic is invited to "Moscow"), and the selection criteria is the professional level, and the creative activity of the author.

Many young members of USDA - took place, known by critics and viewers artists. These authors - painters and sculptors - are invited to participate in the exposition in New Manege GD 6 through May 17, 2009. This exhibition of young artists released the album MOA - winners and winners of previous "molodezhek. The album includes works of painters, sculptors and masters of arts and crafts.

In June the project will continue in the exhibition halls at the Kuznetsk bridge, 11, and at the Kuznetsk bridge, 20. It will be attended by all interested persons artists who have not attained 35 years and past exhibitions. That members of the Ministry of Agriculture, and have not yet entered into the Union, young authors, and students of art schools and universities.

At the Kuznetsk bridge, 11 will house painting, sculpture, decorative art, works of art of theater and cinema, as well as the installation and experimental facilities. The rooms at the Kuznetsk bridge, 20 will be shown graphics and sculpture.

Exhibition at the New Manege show trends and continuity of the plastic art of the last ten years, and exposure at the Kuznetsk bridge 11 and 20 may open new names and lay the groundwork for beginning a new cycle - the young art of the second decade of the XXI century.


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По умолчанию Maly Manege

With pleasure visited the opening of the Maly Manege. Shared experiences and photos of some works:
Many work we have already seen in other exhibition halls of Moscow, but there were quite new members. A greater percentage, of course, were the students shop Nikonov with varying success. Several paintings frankly neporadovali photorealism, but in general, the overall impression is positive. To their credit, and small riding: work hung with intelligence and vplone logically, each work is light and spacious.
So go cost.
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