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По умолчанию Exhibition by Takashi Murakami in the Garage. Photos

Drove to their students, 20 freshmen, all excited. He watched from scratch that-то knew and saw before, but was much above expectations. In the photos, the reproductions can not see the textures in the painting, painstaking, mnogomernoi. And live very differently. Round acrylic canvas, duplicated on a solid plywood (50 kg weight) creates a team of 20-40 people for several months. The long list of people on the back is the names of the masters who were engaged in a round pattern. This stencils, acrylic, put in a lot of layers, jewelry perfectionist work.

Cross-cutting theme from Murakami – nuclear explosion. Above the town, where his mother lived, in the day of the bombing stood low clouds or what-то something, so "Fat" Americans dropped on nearby Nagasaki. The thought of his birth he is obliged to bad weather, do not leave him throughout his career. But prefers to live at the same time where? That's right, in the US, where else.
On the ground floor visitors are allowed in the equipped Studio in which the team worked on the Murakami exhibition. It is also interesting. Stencils work schedules Russo-японский PhraseBook. There is his bed-скворечник on the rollers.

Overall, this is one of the best exhibitions I've ever seen.

If curious how much it all costs, auction prices for works of Murakami can procitati here.
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