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По умолчанию Exhibition on Gogol

State Secretary - Deputy Defense Minister Nikolai Pankov Russia today opened an exhibition of martial artists and photographers on Gogol Boulevard in Moscow. "We are very pleased that the Minister of Defense supported our proposal to open the exhibition. This proposal was made a long time and finally got a positive decision ," - said N.Pankov after the opening ceremony .

" We are very pleased - he continued - that the work of famous martial artists became the property of the masses. Moreover, we show the work not only artists, but also the military photographers who captured the difficult daily lives of the army and navy ."

N.Pankov informed that the Ministry of Defense plans to regularly in the future other similar exhibitions . " This exhibition is the first, but I'm sure not the last. Still unknown how often and in what framework similar exhibition will be held in the future. However, we can say that in the near future, these exhibitions will be organized only in Moscow , but in the future they can be established in other regions of the country , "- said the deputy minister.

According to him, the paintings and pictures that are presented in this exhibition , will be there permanently , and its exposition will be updated periodically .

N.Pankov stressed that such exhibitions are important both for the patriotic education of youth, and to broaden the cultural horizons of people of all ages, their familiarity with the heroic milestones in the history of the Russian army and the state.

Attending the event, Head of Culture Ministry of Defence Anton Gubankov , in turn, said that " these two projects, we derive the Army culture, military life in the public and public space . Soon another we will open an exhibition of paintings at the Garden and Savior street."

Exposure clock public exhibition includes 14 famous battle paintings , the artists at Studio Grekov (Project - " Open Studio " ) paintings of Dmitry Donskoy, starting out with the army on the Kulikovo field , Admiral Fyodor Ushakov during the siege of Corfu, the legendary Soviet Marshals Union Georgy Zhukov and Konstantin Rokossovsky on Red Square during the Victory Parade in June 1945, and much more. 12 unique photos (project "Windows courage " ) made ​​during the exercise and rescue operations, demonstrate the routine of the modern Russian army. Part of the photo exhibition dedicated to the work of servicemen of the Defense Ministry in the aftermath of flooding in the Far East.

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The exhibition clock public exhibition
And rightly so, the patriotic education of youth on the works of martial artists and photographers must have around the clock.

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