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По умолчанию Alexander Kosolapov on Gogol, 10

Specific marker the courage of organizers of exhibitions with the participation of Kosolapov is showing a collage "Icon-икра". This is the job that I got off of "Russian pop-арта" in TG. Quite harmless, by the way. With Kosolapov there abruptly. Alas, icons-икры not Gogol was not. Of course, the advocates of tradition and morality (in their understanding) all-рано would be something to complain about, but the most "offensive" thing to put all-таки did not dare.

The exhibition is spectacular and clear. If you cut it in half, that would be even better – leave the juice, no experiments with figurative painting. But so good. Children wonder, too, if you tell them about individual historical characters. But they quickly learn of Colonel Sanders, and you – hardly.

Interesting. I didn't know that "Lenin – Coca-кола" Alexander Kosolapov hard hit in 1980-х lawyers Coca-Cola. And actually tried to intimidate the artist (the exhibition shows their letters). Type – ruined, it is unlikely that you will have enough money to sue the Corporation. Kosolapov thoughtful, almost gave up, but in the end were not afraid. The pressure was sustained, asked for the assistance of a lawyer and fought back. Coca-кола decided not to join the process. And then another, and Troll the Corporation, offered to Finance her posters with Lenin.

The funny thing is that the "Coca-коле" feared what-то perfect game. They say their brand will be associated with the promotion of communism. That is, Kosolapov, paradoxically, was in universal pain point. In the USSR, it would be accused of worship of the worship of the West. In new-Йорке in propaganda fashion to communism. And in modern Russia – in the insulting the feelings of believers. It is necessary to manage. But it is actually the best proof of the main ideas of the artist: every system tries to establish control over the person to screw with his system of images, idols, dogmas. In this sense, Mickey-Маус not very obsessive Lenin. Caviar soup or Campbell, but fed us all the same.

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