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По умолчанию Marvelous old world (Collection of reprints of children's books)

Twenty-seven reprints of illustrated history of the Russian picture books - from psevdoampira "World of Art" to the uncompromising artists Suprematism 1920. The revolution was not a hindrance to the development of book illustrations for children, on the contrary - the former miriskusniki and their disciples, might not welcome the new world, but actively participated in the production of literature for the working-class children. Same Yuri Annenkov or Mstislav Dobuzhinsky though emigrated from Russia, but soon began to cooperate with the new private publishing house "Rainbow", open during the NEP enthusiast Lev Klyachko. But Sergei Chekhonin, once admired Benoit, developed Bolshevik heraldry and fonts for agitfarfora. The heyday of proletarian art (books make cheap, thin, with plenty of illustrations and minimal text) ended in 1936. It was then in Pravda published an article on artist pachkunah, bichuyuschaya primarily Vladimir Lebedev for his impressionist paintings to poems by Marshak and Vladimir Konashevych illustrate a Chukovsky.
Evidence key step towards Russian children's illustrations can be found in the blue interrosovskoy box. There's "Ghost ship" Hauff, designed by Dmitry Mitrokhin, "The Nightingale" Andersen with pictures Yegor Narbut, Lebedeva illustrations to "Mustaches and Stripes," reprint "of stories about animals" Leo Tolstoy with engravings Favorsky. There is a set of children's masks Vera Ermolaeva, beautiful artist, who worked for the very young, and the first edition mysteries Marshak with color illustrations Favorskogo - in the twenties, this book did not come out. A masterpiece of propaganda "How to beat the Revolution" (1930) with an unusually vivid battle panoramas Alice whips! A luxurious, completely unexpected for the overall aesthetics of those harsh years of publication of sheet music album "Piano in the child" with pictures of Peter Miturich on coated paper! Can not imagine who played these pieces about Byakuya and shepherds in starving Petrograd, 1920.
All reprints are printed as close to the quality and technology of the original, which makes the project almost museum quality (for a guide - an expert on book graphics Gerchuk Yuri, who has written for publications accompanying brochure) and forces once again amazed craft artists who manage to create a knockdown of paper and two color images amazing strength and charm.
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По умолчанию

Marina, you wrote about a show? Where? I would love to look.

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По умолчанию

This is not an exhibition. This special edition, which is called:
  27 miracles. Collection of reprints of children's books first edition of a book by S. Marshak, "Seven Wonders" with engravings V. Favorsky.

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'll Write later - where to buy?
I have small children, I remember the books of his childhood - is something like the quality is very rare.

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I can sell this collection, but without the box, and two books.
Children broke box, a book with masks carved in another book, written obscene words.
The rest were able to save.

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Сообщение от Marina56; 249925"
heyday of proletarian art ( books made ​​with cheap , thin , with lots of illustrations and minimal text) ended in 1936 . Then in "Pravda" published an article "On - the artists poorest dauber ," bichuyuschaya especially Vladimir Lebedev for his impressionist paintings and the poems of Vladimir Konashevich Marshak for his illustrations for Chukovsky .
The publishing house "Children's Literature " at 60, 70 and 80 years produced excellent children's books, including the above-mentioned authors and reprints as well. Many of these artists are fond of collecting books , especially children who have been ... There were a lot of good contemporary artists. With the restructuring of all the collapsed ... Publishers no longer have ...
"Будьте внимательны, сильные личности. Мне кажется, что в настоящее время нет ничего дороже и реже встречающегося, чем честность" (Ф.Ницше "Так говорил Заратустра".)

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Сообщение от K-Maler; 2019001"
With all the restructuring has failed ... Publishers no longer have ...
Izdatelsto alive, and still live .
And today, the publisher does not stop work. New born books, has a range of projects aimed at promoting reading among schoolchildren. Publishers continue to release popular for many decades the series: "The Book after book ," " School Library " ( the series to date, more than 250 books ), " Know and be able ", " Library of adventure and fantasy ." Completed 50 -volume edition of the academic "Library of World Literature for Children ." It should be noted that went out to the turn of the century a unique series of " Dangerous Age " - the book of modern children's writers of the life of teenagers today. This direction in the near future, pick up a new publishing a series of youth .

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