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Perfume - is both a means of seduction, and a means of enjoyment. The art of perfumery is fine and surprising. Mysterious, sweet world of smells irresistibly attracted to himself . This mysterious world has its own history , its own laws and customs. A fragrance that stirs the soul - so you want to understand their secrets, find out the hidden essence of perfume .
Yes, there is certainly a jack of all trades and accordingly works of art for all the senses ... Artists affect vision , the musicians at the hearing , sense of smell perfumers , cooks , etc. to taste . , Create harmony out of chaos ... 7 notes , 7 rainbow colors ( colors ), 7 chakras , 7 days a week, seven circles of hell ... Probably there are 7 basic smells and tastes ? I do not vkurse ..

PS And who Parfum like what ? Who's using it? We will disclose the secrets ? Like many men , I never really zamarachivalis relatively Parfum ... always enjoyed the fact that I gave friends and relatives , and in general all arranged ... but what is wanted of the wood and solid and not beaten ... well ordered yesterday Net store is not sniffing .. purely on the description ... in the end happy as a boa constrictor ! But that's not it ... I read the reviews and am stunned on how much is used by girls and women and men prefer women Parfum ! ) ) No I do sometimes like to train what some exciting women's perfume from the slim and sultry brunette .. but sprinkled the most feminine perfume or , say, to pull on the miniskirt did not arise until the desire ..))

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Native French bottle of 50 ml of your favorite fragrance.
Edition 1980. Missed the second edition of what strongly regret.

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