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There is in the city of Paris auction shop Cazaux. In addition to the auctioneer's Wilfried Cazaux, it is more of the expert on Russian art Tatiana Barysheva.

Before and Wilfred and lady worked in a fairly big auction institution of Tarzana, but iron, inexorable hand of capitalism threw them on the street, don't need steel, non-profit. But not "they went, the sun burning, saying, "Judge him!", and ecohouses, Wilfried opened, though short, Yes your auction and Tatiana. Expert. A specialist. On Russian art.

And became lady Tatiana Russian art specially to celebrate and expertiserating, and Wilfried Cazaux three times a year they auction trading.

And how expertissues and sold? Actually the example.

In April of the current year expert Tatyana Barysheva as follows described and praised lot # 16.
Choukhaeff V., d'après
La vieille comtesse de "La dame de pique")
Estampe n&b, illustration pour l'oeuvre de Pouchkine, A. "La dame de pique".
Encadrée dans un passe-partout.
Au dos comporte : 1) tampon collé "Douane française Service des Expositions" ; 2) carte collée
"Vassili Choukhaeff illust. pour "la dame de pique".
Dim.: 34,! cm x 25,8 cm (sans passe-partout)

700 / 1 000 €

In General, printmaking, identified expert, well and price it accordingly.
Wilfried Cazaux hit with a hammer, so be it, sold the lot for € 1000.

The buyer took, purchased the lot and immediately took it to another auction, the benefit is not far away.

Mr. Kesic, with all due respect to the lady, thought that thing deserves another relationship and offered his version.

Vasilii Shukhaev (1887-1973)
Illustration for Alexander Pushkin''s 'The Queen of Spades'
signed and dated 'V. Choukhaeff. 1922.' (lower right); further signed, inscribed with title and numbered 'Choukhaeff/N165' (on labels attached to the reverse of the mount)
ink, watercolour heightened with white, on paper-fronted board
13 5/8 x 10 1/8 in. (34.7 x 25.8 cm.)
Exhibition catalogue, Catalogus der Tentoonstelling van Russische Kunstschilders, The Hague, 1924, listed p. 17, no. 165 (number on the board).
The Hague, Noordeinde, Tentoonstelling van Russische Kunstschilders, January-February 1924, no. 165.
£10,000 - £15,000
($15,680 - $23,520)

Yet the essential difference between the print and the original drawing, which was confirmed yesterday at auction Christie - figure sold for 10,000 British pounds!

Buyer "print" the expert Tatiana Barysheva very happy.

And sold her rare figure on Pushkin topic? Yes and Wilfried lost their intermediary income.

In principle, the deliverer of this lot can claim to auction the bench Cazaux and its expert, if, of course, learns about the incident.

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[QUOTE="anik;3288221"]In principle, the deliverer of this lot can claim to auction the bench Cazaux and its expert, if, of course, learns about sluchivshemsya@
What would he have? No one cheated, proposed by the auctioneer price he agreed that the description of the lot saw, "Estampe n&b" in it are not confused...
To present expert auction? Well, you can, but this expert did not give an expert opinion, and only advised the dealer and сommisaire-рriseur,and.

Yes and not the amount of that show.

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