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По умолчанию In the gallery ARTSTORY opens the exhibition of Oleg lang "В Park chair"

"Oleg Lang. In the Park chair" is an exhibition project which will take place in the gallery ARTSTORY from 20 September to 18 November 2018 Painting on canvas and burlap, fabrics with patterns and stripes mattress covers and painted palettes and boards – not a complete list of artifacts that will be on show. The exhibition will include works from many series and cycles of lang, since 1980,-х., when the artist came to prominence until the last days of his life.

Oleg lang was born in the city of Novomoskovsk, Tula region in 1950, died in 2013, literally until the last day continuing to work on paintings. Based on chronological principles, it is often referred to as "the eighties" – a generation of artists who came to art in the late Soviet years, when the immutable principles of socialist realism were slow to crack, and in a creative environment began to spread and even encouraged ideas of Russian avant-garde, with its "benovolehotska" attraction to primitivism, the principles of pop-арта and abstract expressionism. Densely mixed mix, composed of these creative achievements past and present, and created a unique, recognizable style of Oleg lang.

Gallery ARTSTORY: Moscow, staropimenovskiy lane., d. 14 (m. "Tverskaya", "Mayakovskaya"). Daily, except Monday, from 12.00 to 20.00. admission is free. Tel: 8 495 650 13 43. [email protected]

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