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По умолчанию Artist Paul Pepperstein (Pivovarov)

-------------------------------------------------- -------
Artist, writer, critic and art theorist.
Born in 1966 in Moscow. In 1987 he completed his studies at the Prague Academy of Fine Arts. One of the founders of the artistic group "Inspection" Medical Hermeneutics "- one of the most interesting and productive formations in the Russian contemporary art. (Composition of groups: from 1987 to 1991 - P. Pepperstein, S. Anufriev, Yu Leiderman, from April 1991 to our days, instead of Yuri Leiderman, who has since run separately, the group includes Fedorov).

Member of numerous domestic and foreign exhibitions. Solo exhibitions (selection): "Three inspectors" (MG, youthful Gallery, Prague), "Orthodox obsosy - Covers and endings" (MG, Kunsthalle, Dusseldorf).

Author of articles on contemporary art in the domestic and foreign publications.

Читать дальше... 
Paul Pepperstein - continuer conceptualist discourse on the modern stage. The son of one of the leaders of this trend in Moscow - Viktor Pivovarov - he grew up with the development of the "Moscow romantic conceptualism." He was a brilliant theoretician, writer, artist. In the late 80's founded the group "Inspection" Medgermenevtika "exert significant influence on the work of many artists. In the context of the chosen direction, he understands the visual practice as a text equivalent text: graphic and pictorial images are adequate to its theoretical arguments." Decoding "works Pepperstein is only possible in the light of knowledge of complex investigations of the previous phase of modern art. His characters - no comments, "comment comment" art actions, images, and theoretical positions developed by predecessors. If a relative, to designate the terms of the concerns of the artist, that - in addition to purely theoretical discourse - his subjects can be considered as an analysis of relations between the subjective and the real, virtual and concrete in a person's life. One of the most accurate definition of his work, taken in art history circles, became the term "psychedelic realism," with the term suggested Pepperstein. psychopathologic personality, mutilated and unintelligible socium hostile, childish fears and complexes that are generated by the oppressor deystvitelnosyu are transformed in his paintings and graphic sheets, however, in poetic visual images. Pepperstein Scenes - a kind of "shorthand" inner feelings and personal interpretations and theoretical conclusions of the individual, with the philosophical dismissal of analyzing surrounding context. Very often, the artist identifies with the character, is immersed in its symbol system, and then in a series of works before the audience turns a kind of "stream of consciousness", a virtual trip on behalf of a person. Despite the difficult to perceive the inner nature discourse works postkontseptualistskogo generation of artists, the leader of which can be considered Pepperstein differ visually distinct, so the audience, far from esoteric problems of direction, can easily perceive the product as a whole, as a kind of poetic formula, moreover, that Paul has the skill Pepperstein brilliant painter.

By topic: Russia at the Venice Biennale http://artinvestment.ru/news/artnews..._biennale.html
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По умолчанию

And this creative nickname, and the word "inspection medgermenevtika" all fun, but watercolor pocherkushki not interesting. It seems that a group of comrades cultivated a brand in the West - banter over Russia. Birches probably not go, and banter buy.

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По умолчанию

Probably like everyone was an illustrator.

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По умолчанию

Posav, pay attention to the age of Paul Pepperstein.

Сообщение от Eugene Посмотреть сообщение
was born in 1966 in Moscow.
But the exhibition:
2008 - «OR - OR. Natssuprematizm - draft of a new representative style of Russia. Regina Gallery (Winery), Moscow.
2007 - «Albums" (project "Collection"). Regina Gallery, Moscow.
2007 - «City of Russia". Regina Gallery, Moscow.
2004 - «Hypnosis. Regina Gallery, Moscow.
2001 - «A girl and a tunnel. Kaufmann, Zurich.
2001 - «Exhibition of a conversation" (with I. Kabakov and Boris Groys). Kunsthaus, Zug, Switzerland.
2001 - (Untitled). Larivier, Paris.
2000 - «Get out of the maze!" (With A. Grinmanom). Israel Museum, Jerusalem.
2000 - «Things in the landscape" (with V. Pivovarov). Gallery «Obscuri Viri», Moscow.
2000 - «Russian novel 2000. Regina Gallery, Moscow.
2000 - «Moses" (together with a group of "Russia"). KunsHouse, Zug, Switzerland.
2000 - «Expedition. Guelman Gallery, Moscow.
2000 - «How to meet an angel?» (Jointly with I. Kabakov), Galley Sprovieri, London.
2000 - «Two Angels" (with V. Pivovarov). Karmelitenkloster, Graz, Austria.
1999 - «Father and Son" (with V. Pivovarov). Kunsthaus Zug, Switzerland.
1998 - «Sweet darkness. Gallery "Obscuri viri", Moscow.
1998 - «binoculars and monocle. The Life and Work. Kunsthaus Zug, Switzerland.
1997 - «Portrait of an old man." Russian Museum, St. Petersburg.
1996 - «The game of tennis" (with I. Kabakov). Pori art Museum, Finland.
1995 - «white box". Villa Waldberta, Feldafing.
1994 - «The experience in the tower. Galerie Inge Baecker, Cologne.
1994 - «Options. Gallery Inzam, Vienna, Austria.
1994 - «process. Human Space Art Center, Milan.
1993 - «Swiss Medicine. Swiss Institute, New York, USA.
1993 - «The empty icon". L Gallery, Moscow.
1992 - «Lateral sacral space in the USSR". Gallery Inzam, Vienna, Austria.
1991 - Exhibition MG "Military life small pictures. Gallery Krings-Ernst, Cologne.
1990 - MG Exhibition "Three children". Gallery of the young, Prague, Czech Republic.
1990 - Orthodox obsosy - covers and endings. Kunsthalle Dusseldorf, Western Europe.

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По умолчанию The third Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art. Paul Pepperstein

Interesting article, by Julia Maximova (ARTinvestment.RU)

September 25 to October 25, 2009 in Moscow will host third Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art. Among its members - a Russian artist and writer Paul Pepperstein (Pivovarov).

Читать дальше... 
Pepperstein was born in 1966 in Moscow. From 1985 to 1987 he studied at the Prague Academy of Fine Arts. Together with the young artists Odessa Anufrieva Sergei and Yuri Leiderman founded the group "Inspection" Medical Hermeneutics ", which became one of the most significant events" mladokontseptualizma. In 1991, took place Leiderman Vladimir Fedorov.

"Medgermenevty" engaged in research tools and symbols of modern culture (in the broadest sense of the word), and they looked at it not from the outside, as classical conceptualism, as it were, being in its midst, in the maelstrom of all kinds of images. In his works - installations, graphics, performances, lyrics - artists created a wild, psychedelic world where a man falls upon the avalanche of the myths of modern society. "Medgermenevty" became the first who seriously studied the relationship of the Soviet conceptualism to the world of childhood (for Pepperstein this relationship has always been clear: his father, a famous artist, conceptualist Viktor Pivovarov, illustrated children's books and magazines, and her mother, Irina Pivovarova, a children's writer) . The most famous creation of the group - a huge fantasy novel "Mifogennaya love castes". The first volume, with more than 1000 pages, was released in 1999. He tells about the fate of the party organizer Vladimir Dunayev, shell-shocked in the early days of World War II and ended up in the woods, where the only available food was psilocybin mushrooms. Obsessed by the desire to fight the Nazis, Dunaev to see hallucinations, in which the characters of Russian folk tales fought with heroes of fairy tales in Europe. This epic was written by Pepperstein and Anufrieva who wrote it for many years. Above the second volume, published in 2002, Pepperstein worked alone. Style artists have defined the novel as "psychedelic realism."

Among other literary works of Paul Pepperstein - Glossary of Moscow conceptual school ", a book of poems" A great defeat, and a great holiday "," psychedelic, "mystery" The Swastika and the Pentagon, a collection of horror stories "War Stories" and other illustrations to the last two books exhibited at "The Pentagon", held in 2006 in the gallery "Regina".

Pepperstein first solo exhibition titled "Sweet Darkness" was held in 1998 in Moscow gallery Obscuri Viri. In the same year started a project "Paul Pepperstein and guests", organized by the House of Arts Swiss city of Zug. For five years, the museum held an exhibition every year, most of which was organized in cooperation with well-known personalities from the world of contemporary art - Viktor Pivovarov, Boris Groys, Ilya Kabakov, a group of "Russia".

In 2007 Pepperstein presented in "Regina" is one of the most notorious of their projects - "City of Russia", in which he addressed the topic of preservation of cultural heritage of our country. He was sent to Putin, Luzhkov Matvienko and open letter, which stated that the destruction of the historical image of Moscow and St. Petersburg, entails the "death of the soul" of the two cities. For the bold architectural experiments Pepperstein suggested founding a new capital - the city of Russia. How should look like this metropolis, told exhibited in gallery pictures. According Pepperstein, capital must pay tribute to the great Russian avant-garde - namely, to build a giant multicolored skyscraper The Kandinsky Tower and the huge black cube »The Malevich Tower. In 2070 "will be included in a fashion house, crowned with giant heads of the living" in the 3014-m antenna will be installed to communicate with the dead, and in the 3098-meters in the city will be "a colossal statue-building," Grandma "" designed for air defense. Above the capital city will soar "sphere of Russian spirituality" and a memorial rock with persons deceased Russian rulers.

In the same year the artist exhibited in the gallery "Regina" his early work - three albums, created in the 1980's, before the appearance of Medgermenevtiki. The first album, "Observations" (1983-1984), devoted to works of the mentally ill. Each figure in it - an imitation of the style of the artist with a particular diagnosis. "Lenin" (1985-1986) - album of fantasy on the theme of how to look like Lenin on drawings by children, drug addicts, mentally ill, Soviet "unofficial" artists, etc. And "Images of Stalin" (1985-1986) - supposedly a caricature of fellow "Great Leader", which he had done during the meetings.

In January this year in Regina hosted the exhibition "either - or. Natssuprematizm - draft of a new representative style of Russia. According Pepperstein, "it comes to style, which would have been conditioned by our embassies, offices of trade missions, Russian airlines, railway stations, buildings and premises of airports, festivals of Russia's culture and so on. The artist presented works in which Supremacist aesthetics played up in the spirit of ironic pop art: "Black Square" tramples can of soup Campbell; it is located in a baby carriage rolling down the stairs in one scene in the film "Battleship Potemkin", the red oval eats multicolored logo of Apple.

Paul Pepperstein ranked among the participants the 53rd Venice Biennale of Contemporary Art. For "Victory over the future" presented in Russia's pavilion, he gave a series of paintings "Landscapes of the Future", where images Suprematist spirit combined with incredible urban landscape. The artist also recorded a rap song - "a manifesto against the Contemporary Arts", which, in his opinion, is in the wake of capital.

Whatever it was, but our site dedicated to investing in art, the subject of capital can not circumvent. It is time to talk about the auction results of the work Pepperstein. At a public auction of his work first appeared not long ago - in 2006. Most of the works of the artist (at auction appears in the main graph) bring the amount in the range from 1,5 to 3,5 thousand pounds sterling. The most expensive picture Pepperstein (in pounds) is "Seascape with the dollar," sold over 4 thousand pounds at Estimé 4.6 thousand. The record was set recently - June 9, 2009, at auction in London Sotheby's. Figure "Light my mirror, tell me who in the light of all the sweeter?", Which appeared on the same auction with the same estimate:, the buyer is not found.
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По умолчанию

Say about "Spring", this book is good or bad, does not work. Moreover, it is surprisingly neither good nor bad book. This collection of short stories is an example of an ideal straight-away balance between interesting and pointless, intelligent and flat, exciting and boring. There are texts of important, but they somehow jams, blunted by some really quite worthless, which render the construction of relief. As a result, landscape "Spring" recalls the landscape of his beloved author of the Moscow region - train takes us from Peredelkino (where the action unfolds the story "Egg" - the first full text of the book) to Nikolina Gora (in the final collection of short stories "May" is where the decisive events occur in life of the heroine), glimpses of fences, buildings and woods, but catch the eye for something difficult.

Читать дальше... 
This visible copyright arrogance: something like - since I wrote, so they just something amiss. So the "Spring" - a book that requires us not only the ability to read, but also the ability to pass. Continuing the metaphor of the railway, for example, that go into this train should be on regular stations, and, finally moving to the compliment, we estimate the elegance of the route.

Points of departure (Peredelkino) and destination (Nikolina Gora), selected with pleasing precision. The composition moves from the Soviet space forces in the new place of power (regardless of the venerable age Nikologorsky cottages, a truly iconic status, the village acquired it in the post-Soviet years). Of the places namolennogo, even sacred, which stores the memory of another title inhabitants - "war veterans and Soviet writers, with arms to defend their country and its literature, the place is indestructible vulgar, definitively occupied by those who want" all cut off, dismember .. . all reduced to a solid BBQ.

About writers veterans who knew that the "strong man who knows where the Power," in Pepperstein obtained especially tender. And even though the field of Soviet myth - one of the most cultivated in the present national literature (author of "Spring" also had to work hard in this field of), but there are not many texts, which would have cost him with such grace. Perhaps Pepperstein it turns out, precisely because of his writings, he has clearly applies to the chatter (for symmetry want to say - to chatting with fellow travelers in the same train from Peredelkino on Nikolina Gora). Well, talk about the Soviet and anti-Soviet, then about sex twins Chupi and Chups (non-incendiary), and then about the New Bulgarian Comedy (an excellent story "Humor"), then about the "man of pleasure" (as the text - just really kind of nonsense a). And maybe, just such an optional rhythm idle conversation and makes it possible to speak in to say something truly unexpected, deducing banality of piercing, as in the passage of the 1990's from the story "A Conversation with wine windows.

"That period is now made to remember with horror and disgust, as the time of the collapse, chaos and banditry, but the time was also the time for this crazy freedom. In the present time, something inhuman, it is too harsh and tactless uncovered those forbidden levels of being, which normally remain hidden. It offended many people who consider themselves part of the collapsed system, and those that were ready for a system to replace - they would like to pay business activity, and prevented them from chaos. " And now the main thing: "But we human beings do not consider myself, not interested in commerce, anything not human compassion and were happy." "Persons do not consider myself" - for this and Chupi from Chups is quite possible to forgive.

MA: Ad Marginem, 2010
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По умолчанию

I know personally - quite nice, no longer a young man

cult figure in his inner circle (in the likeness of Africa Bugaev), enjoys great prestige among the young, impressionable representatives of the St. Petersburg art hangouts

most of it I like his red, ruffled hair

but it's not my
Дух дышит, где хочет.
Я знаю, что они части одного целого, ведь видел я, как распались они.
Instagram/Инстаграм _muleum_

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По умолчанию "Spring. Images from the book" Paul Pepperstein and Ivan Razumov

February 16 - March 16, 2010 Gallery ArtBerloga http://www.artberloga.ru/exhibitions..._razumov_vesna

 "Spring. Images from the book" Paul Pepperstein and Ivan Marchenko. Paul Pepperstein recognized that the spring for him - this time of rebirth, it brings with it the aggravation of feelings and emotions: "Spring, summer, autumn and winter - this is a very powerful ancient gods that have largely shaped the various cultures, including our . Ceychas in these root spaces occur deep faults, but we, nevertheless, continue to feel. Actually, the book describes the ways in which these ancient experiences may exist now. And, of course, in some sense, the collection is devoted to whether it is possible hope for a new springtime of mankind ".

Site "Vinzavod" http://www.winzavod.ru/
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По умолчанию Various Railway track

I doubt that it is possible for a train to get from Peredelkino to Nikolina Gora, a different railway branches - Kiev and Belorussian .

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По умолчанию

Сообщение от dedulya37 Посмотреть сообщение
is a different railway branch - Kiev and Byelorussian.
You are right Kiev is a democracy, and Belarus-last islet of "socialism" ..

Добавлено через 12 минут
From reviews of the book "Spring" can be found here


Последний раз редактировалось Евгений; 18.02.2010 в 10:39. Причина: Добавлено сообщение
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