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Good day.

Long time did not go to the forum, I confess. I promise to go at least a couple times a week. Decided to create a topic for possible issues to our organization.
Let me remind you that Art Consulting for more than 10 years presence in the market and has its own technological laboratory of international level. During this time there were many important stages, we created methods, evaluated a variety of interesting objects and their aggregates from private collections to the interiors of the Grand Kremlin Palace, created the first mutual Fund based on the art, together with the Russian Museum won for the Foundation the Link of Times a lawsuit against the Christie's Auction house known to all of you for the "Odalisque", made several reference databases Tretyakov Gallery,the Center Grabar, etc. In General, the time wasn't wasted in vain:-) the Level of accuracy of determining the time range of the laboratory at the moment narrowed down to five years. We are constantly improving methods and over the past couple of years has introduced several new techniques specifying the date.
We also conduct art historical examination and evaluation.

Always happy to help and advise.

Company website : http://artcons.ru

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