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По умолчанию Masterpieces of Russian Icon Painting XIV - XVI centuries

Paradoxically, but before the beginning of the twentieth century, the artistic quality of ancient icons say it was not accepted. No one simply did not occur, that these blackened namolennye images can provide some other value than religious. But after the matter was taken for the restoration, the world spoke admiringly of the previously unknown aesthetic phenomenon.
The world of fame came here just after the restoration gradually freed "black lists" from the darkened varnish and the later records.
Just such an attitude to the subject and demonstrates the current exhibition, where the icons form completely freestyle exhibition, do not take into account the titles and ranks, as required by a church order. In the local context, the viewer sees only the individual cultural monuments, ancient images with a certain set of subjects. As expressed curator Alina Loginova, first impulse was to reveal the beauty of the icons, which can be accessed by both believers and atheists. Although, of course, the scientific aspect of the matter is not forgotten. Where is the XIV century, and where the XVI-th, where the School of Novgorod, Vladimir and where - it is easy to understand with the help of labels and catalog.

  The exhibition at the Museum of Private Collections collected ancient icons of a series of meetings in Moscow and St. Petersburg. The word "masterpieces" in the title does not sound vain, moreover many artifacts never before to the general public did not appear.

Museum of Private Collections
Address: ul. Volhonka, 10, 14, metro
Phone: 203-15-46, 203-79-78, 203-95-78
Hours: daily from 12.00 to 19.00 (ticket office before 18.00), except Monday, Tuesday and last Friday of the month

   Schedule: February 18 - April 19
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