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Art Kaleidoscope Interesting and relevant information about art. Discuss general art issues and any topics not covered in other forums. It’s only about art — love, politics, sports, hobbies etc. are discussed in “Chatter”.

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По умолчанию UPRAVIS - partnership for the protection and rights management in the field of art

The opening day of the 26 th Rossiyskogo Antique Salon audience was presented UPRAVIS - partnership for the protection and rights management in the field of art. Chairman of its Board is Leonid Nadirov, former Deputy Minister of Culture and former head of the federal competition commission and the director - Denis Lukashin (member of our forum-ACG), creator of "Art Consulting, dedicated to the examination, evaluation and insurance of art.

Part IV of the Civil Code, relating to copyright, entered into force a year ago. In its composition, in particular, the section on "rules of the payment of remuneration to the author at the public resale of original fine art," according to which the author, and after his death (70 years), his heirs are entitled to a percentage of sales (see Kommersant "dated April 23, 2008). To regulate this process, when Rosokhrankultura a period of five years, is accredited by the new organization - UPRAVIS, non-commercial partnership for the protection and rights management in the field of art.

In art dealers immediately had many questions: for example, whether the seller himself to seek the author or his heirs to pay them a fee is required if these charges in exchange and private transactions, conducted by Russia's collectors? As explained by Denis Lukashin, UPRAVIS purpose - to protect the interests of authors selling products and provide complete information vendors. "UPRAVIS no fiscal authority, and this rule should be imposed, but rather as a culture of circulation of works of art" - he said.
Source: http://www.kommersant.ru/doc.aspx?DocsID=1128212

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