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Post Pre-auction exhibition and auction "Awards of Russia" from the firm "Coins and Medals"

18 may firm "Coins and Medals" opens pre-auction exhibition to trading "Awards of Russia"

The exhibition will be held in Moscow from 18 to 29 may 2015. The exposure on Strastnoy Boulevard will hold a specially-numismatic firm "Coins and Medals". The exhibition will feature 502 subject: old Russian orders, award medal, badges, regimental insignia, uniforms, Soviet badges.

The most expensive and rare top lot of the collection is the set of characters of the order of St. Alexander Nevsky – auctioned with a starting bid of 6 million rubles. The badge and star of the order made in St. Petersburg from gold and silver in the 1870-ies famous firm "Kabel". Ornament collection - set of characters of the order of St. Anne 1st class with swords (badge and star), made in St. Petersburg firm of "Edward" in the years 1910-1916. The kit is presented on the auction with a starting price of 3 million rubles.
Among the top lots is a rare star of the order of Saint Andrew the Apostle firm "Kabel", made in silver gilt and enamel in 1882-1898. The starting price of the lot is 1.4 million. A great collector's interest is a very rare sign of the 40th Kolyvan infantry regiment, made in the Russian Empire in the years 1910-1917. The sign was approved in 1910. Auction evaluation of lot - 550 thousand rubles. Worth noting is the exceptionally rare sign for graduated from Moscow aviation school of ensigns, the period of the Provisional government, made in Russia in 1917. The starting price of the lot is 700 thousand rubles.
After the exhibition may 30, 2015 at 12: 00 at the hotel "MARRIOTT Royal Aurora held an auction where anyone can buy the exhibited objects. To see the collection in on-line and acquire a beautifully illustrated catalogue with detailed descriptions of each item, you can visit the company www.numismat.ru.

Address of the exhibition:
Numismatic firm "Coins and Medals"
Moscow, Strastnoy Bulvar 4/3, pp. 3, 45 CT. M. Chekhovskaya, Pushkinskaya, Tverskaya
Tel: (495) 956-36-29, 629-41-24, 694-54-69
Fax: (495) 650-45-96

The hours of the exhibition:
from 18 may to 29 may 2015
Monday – Friday from 11.00 to 20.00,
Saturday, Sunday - closed.
Admission is free.

The auction will be held at:
Moscow, St. Petrovka, 11/20, Hotel "MARRIOTT Royal Aurora Marriott Royal Aurora Hotel, Petrovsky Salon"
May 30, 2015.

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Thanks for the info!

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