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По умолчанию Tatiana Mavrina - Anniversary Exhibition

Tatiana Mavrina - Children's Home
Sorceress of the USSR

"The most Russian of all artists" - so called Tatiana
Mavrin. Her unique style is easily recognizable. For
Mavrina paint was as natural and necessary,
how to breathe. It is in Russian fairy tales Tatiana was able to find
close to it the element of national life. In these works the most brightly
revealed its amazing, especially the "color vision" of the world.
The artist has left a great literary works, but only now
viewers will get to know him fully. In Moscow, a branch
Pushkin Museum, opened on the anniversary exhibition of Tatiana Mavrina. Part
paintings and drawings submitted for the first time. They say, "News
of culture. "

These paintings artist Tatiana Mavrina created in 1970 - s, when at the helm
was Brezhnev, the Soviet Union built BAM, "Union" was flying
meet the "Apollo," but for "Lada" queues on
next few years. In 1970 - e Tatiana Mavrina itself was 70,
it has long been interested in the progress of socialist competition. Known throughout the
country as an illustrator of children's books and co-equally famous
cartoons, it does not ignore the challenges of the time, but answered them
proven over the years classics Kascheev immortal kings
Dodona, leshimi and Vasilisa the Wise.
"It is, I would say, goes to the tale, in the illustration. This is probably
compelled, because when they are in 1933, accused of formalism and
a group of "13" broke up one of the first, and this reproach was scared not only
it, then I think, care in the tale was forced, "- says curator
Exhibition Alla Rudnev.
Tatiana Mavrina - as old as the century, was born in 1900 and lived to be 94 - years.
But looking at her pictures, it seems that she lived not in the Soviet Union and
saw two revolutions, the Civil War and Second World Wars. A graduate of
VKhUTEMAS, a student of the Falk, she at once decided for yourself:
the only honest work for an artist in the Soviet Union - is
illustrating fairy tales. And with the official art is no problem, and
in the sense of truthful reflection of reality, in fact,
is true.
"It's always a light to create, and this is probably one of the finest
examples of how bright a person could turn their creativity into
light, which so far today we have received from her work, "- assures
Director of the State Museum of AS Pushkin's Eugene Bogatyrev.
If the church - a wonderful, if a stream - the stone. She spoke on
some special language, playing words like stones. Lacking
no points of intersection with the official Soviet art, it is
become a major child witch USSR and as honored
Prize Hans Christian Andersen. The only one of the Soviet
of artists.


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