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Art Kaleidoscope Interesting and relevant information about art. Discuss general art issues and any topics not covered in other forums. It’s only about art — love, politics, sports, hobbies etc. are discussed in “Chatter”.

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Jan van Eyck

With the restoration of the Altar of Ghent in 1950-51 with the aid of ultraviolet prosvechenivany was found picture of God's Sheep, repainted many times, and retouched. Restorers began their work to restore the original image of Sheep, but the inhabitants of Ghent were impatient, demanding to finish work and return them to the altar.
I restavratorov had no choice and had to give an unfinished work. So, if you should look into today's Ovce at this altar, you'll see that it, instead of two ears, four ears.

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Many theories have been written about the realism of the work van Eyck, but the most interesting theory put forward the English artist David Hockney and physicist Charles Falco. They prepolozhili that van Eyck used optical devices, such as a bump and small mirror lens that helps the artist to create a photographic image. If we look at the picture "Arnolfini Portrait", we see a convex mirror between the two figures. If such a mirror flip on the concave side, it will be able to project the image on the wall
In 2001, in his book "Secret Knowledge: Rediscovering the Lost techniques of the Old Masters" Hockney argues that mirrors and lenses were well known at the time of van Eyka, as well as proof that prespektiva in van Eyck's paintings shifted as it should be be biased when using equipment with mirrors. When asked why no one is nowhere mentioned, nor the van Eyck, too, the use of optics in their work, Hockney and Falk answered that the artists kept it a secret that there are no competitors.
Art historians do not attach importance to the theory Hockney, they are to argue that in the 15 century mirrors were imperfect and the idea of projecting images for the people is very alien to the Renaissance period. Debate continues

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(Fashion-1400 period dress women have been with so many folds in front, which did not immediately identify a pregnant woman or fashion.)
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Like all successful businessmen, Durer worried about fakes of their works, while there was no law on illegal copying. Dürer began to use the monogram on his work, the letter D in the "legs" A. But the monogram is not so difficult to forge. Durer sued the Venetian artist Marcantonio Raimondi per copy. And just got from the Emperor Maximilian to be protected from the paper copies, the first version of the copyright.
And such protection, he engraved on the work of "Life of Virgin"

Keep! You sly poddelschik, alien to the work and the prig ideas of others. Think before you run your hands in my work. Beware! I have a paper from the magnificent Emperor Maxmillian that nobody has the right to make copies of my works and sell them. Listen! And the wound on the whiskers, if by malice and greed you skopiruesh my work, not only your good will be confiscated, but he podvergneshsya torture.

(probably all have to adopt): cool:

After the death of Dürer was elevated to the status of the righteous, after three days of burial, the body was exhumed in order to make a death mask. Fans of the artist borrowed the idea of death masks from Italy.
In 1840, the artist erected a bronze monument in Nuremberg, with the inscription: "Otets Durer, bless us, like you, we will carefully guard the German art, be our guiding light to the grave!"

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In 1920, the Nazis pointed Durer as the most German of all German artists (although Dyurera father was Hungarian) and put the self-portrait of the artist in the magazine "People and Races."

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Mayor of Nuremberg, Hitler gave the original work "The Knight Death and the Devil"
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and Nazi artist Hubert Lanzinger has depicted Hitler as a knight, the work turned out to be extremely podonistaya
During the Cold War, East and West Germany competed for the legacy of Durer.

The best of Dürer's pretty simple. His most popular watercolor, and woodcut rhinoceros, made in 1515
Dürer never seen a live rhinos, only read a letter from a livantiyskogo merchant, where the latter described looks like a rhinoceros. The merchant himself had seen a rhino, of which the Sultan of Gujarat (the new name of the State Kambreya) sent a gift to the King of Portugal.
This engraving of rhinoceros immediately became popular and before the 18 th century was considered a realistic work (though anatomically rhinoceros was disabled)

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Add that Durer liked to portray himself in the image of Jesus Christ. Trick businessman: "If I can portray himself as the Son of the Lord, then at least for you and even more so I can portray anything great"

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"No baby Karl did not draw a fixed number of little men and horses, he did not Dowa breakfast. (A little girl loved to eat, Karl, like breakfast rolls Full-flavored with raisins, with vanilla, sprinkled with powdered sugar, at the worst - simple Sitniki with honey, from which flour is rough on the fingers and nails.) Or even simpler, but with such much faith in the simplicity of the human nature: "In childhood, for some misconduct Bryullov received from his father such a slap that deaf and until his death almost did not hear anything the left ear." (At the end of life Bryullov recalled that in his childhood his father did not kiss him even once ... However, deafness in left ear, perhaps, to make beautiful land of his head.)

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Chicago is very proud of the fact that the painting "Sunday walk to Grand Zhatt" Georges Seurat is in their city since 1920

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In 1958, the Museum of Modern Art asked the Chicago Art Institute's painting to the exhibition, where the accident occurred. Workers installed a new sisemu conditioners and leave flammable materials in the room. April 15 to noon, the fire started, suffered from burns visitors and firefighters, died electrician, was severely damaged Monet "Lilies", it was the color of burned marshmellou. Seurat painting just a little bit burnt, but frightened the Chicago Museum has decided now not to give anyone else. So who wants to witness the original, buy a ticket to Chicago. Painting "restricted to leave"

Plot paintings Grand Zhatt formed the basis for the Broadway musical "Sunday in the Park with George", music and lyrics Stephen Sondheim.
Musical became a hit, got twice as Tony awards, several other awards, and in 1985 Pulitzer Prize

( Here with yutuba little musical )

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