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По умолчанию Art Market influences on the geography or the geography affect the market of art?

In London, love for art is boundless

«Le Figaro», 30.06.2008
Article Valerie Dyuponshel

The new geography of buyers rushed into the small world of auctions and market dynamised Impressionist and modern art.

London - capital of the new European art? "Geographical origin" customers is a strategic issue. It provides statistics on the development of a new world in which the emergence of "fast-growing market" - Russia, the Middle East, China - shifts to the background perturbations in the global economy and the downturn in the Exchange. So, the art of reliable life? The next day, after the victory of water lilies "by Claude Monet at auction Christie's (a phenomenal record at 51.68 million euros) and a triumphant evening trading session with a score of 144.44 million euros, Sotheby's took the same fair wind: results of the sale of Impressionist and Modern Art This auction houses are the best in its history - more than 102 million euros during the preliminary assessment from 67 to 95 million, with 5 unsold lots of the 55 exhibited works, not all of which were highly quality.

These results encouraged a cautious behavior. The venerable company, located on Bond Street, has ceased to provide clarification on the customer 10 and the most expensive lots in the evening. Once it is published inflomatsiyu of who bought each lot - whether it is a private collector, museum, or simply "an anonymous buyer, who can remain anonymous when making their purchases over the phone, through the expert's auction house or through an intermediary, who can keep secrets, as example, designer Tanya Bakrell, which bought "Water lilies". However, these indications of the auction house, is deliberately vague, given all the same opportunity to form an idea about the development of markets and their trends.

"Lately profile of buyers has changed dramatically," says Andrew Strauss, director of Impressionist and modern art Sotheby's in France. "Take the example of Roman Abramovich. In which category to enter it, to Russian clients? For customers who live in London? A major buyers from the Middle East? After all, they all have a residence in London. " Sotheby's is limited by the fact that reports: 70%of buyers in the London evening auctions were of European origin (including Russia), 26%- American and 2%from other countries (including Asia and the Middle East). This statistic is based on the total number of buyers of lots that "flushes" in the total mass of purchasers of "nails" trades, bought the painting for several tens of millions of pounds or dollars.

anonymous client

One of the paintings - "stars" evening, "Dancer" Gino Severini, was bought for a record $ 15.04 million euro (twice the pre-assessment), expert Sotheby's, Philip Hook for an anonymous client. This large (100 x 81) and a bright canvas met all the criteria of a new market: during the creation of fashionable, excellent condition, decoration. According to rumors, his rival in the auction was Mark Poltimor, Vice-President of Sotheby's and is responsible for the Russian clientele in Europe ...

You can continue to play a riddle about a portrait of Dora Maar, Picasso's written in 1939 (7,88 euros mli, sold over the phone) or "Three men walking", "one of the finest and most rare Giacometti's sculptures, cast in the life of the sculptor ", said Andrew Strauss. This sculpture was sold for 9.5 million euros anonymous client on the phone. Newspaper «Art Newspaper» reports that Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich bought for another $ 14 million bronze sculpture by Giacometti in the Geneva Gallery Kruger during yavmarki in Basel.

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По умолчанию

A year ago, a friend of mine, a major gallery owner, talked with the director (or really how it's called), Sotheby's. But then again everything has doubled. When asked what to expect from the market further, that (from Sotheby's) answered - market has not yet started.
We are still discussing the answer poironizirovali - where does it further.
As we see now - is where.

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По умолчанию

Sovershenno verno, po podschiotam Sotbis, v mire 20-30 serioznyh kollektsionerov.
K sozaleniiu u nih serioznost 'opredeliaetsia tol'ko pokupatel'noi sposobnost'iu.

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london, contemporary art

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