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Post In the art gallery "Tree" exhibition opens Misha Lenna - artist-watercolorist

April 1, 2011 in Moscow opens an exhibition of the St. Petersburg artist, best watercolorist in North America Misha Lenna. The exhibition "Reflections 2" will be held from April 1 to May 7 at the art gallery "The Tree", at: ul. Malaya Nikitskaya, Building 16.

Pictures of the St. Petersburg artist Misha Lenna exhibited in the finest galleries in the world, as well as in private collections of family Mstislav Rostropovich, Mikhail Gorbachev, composer and conductor John Williams, Mark Rozovsky, actress Olga Kabo, Dariga Nazyrbaevoy, governor of New York George Pataki, singer Diana Kroll, the legendary jazz pianist Dave Brubeck, conductor Yuri Temirkanov, the actor John Malkovich.

Mozart brush and paint "- so called watercolorist Misha Lenna, Oscar winner in the field of fine arts, the prestigious MUSE Awards.

"It combines decorative Klimt, the elegance and grace of Degas, Renoir, romance and energy of Toulouse-Lautrec. Dance permeates his art, as music pours into the soul "- write about him Russian and foreign media.

"I look at the world through feelings and try to reflect it through the watercolor. I hope that my "Reflections" will stay with you ... "- says Misha Lenn - an artist of world renown, who created his own style in watercolor technique.

Misha wrote poluemotsii, halftone, polusmeh, polugrust, hint. One little girl of eight, one day after visiting the exhibition, said: "I know why the artist depicts a half-face. Because there is both good and bad. "

The number of customers Misha Lenna include Harvard University, Boston Symphony Orchestra, Boston Ballet, the St. Petersburg Philharmonic, the magazine «Time», «Vienna Ball in Moscow," Rive Gauche, International Dog Show in New York «Westminster Kennel Club», Championship World Latin dance in the Kremlin, the firm Calvin Klein, Godiva Chocolatier, Sony.

The exhibition is open from 1 to 7 appelya maya 2011 daily from 11:00 to 21:00
Art gallery "Tree", ul. Malaya Nikitskaya, Building 16.

Gallery: 495-691-40-41
Moscow: + 7-495-740-9000
Boston: +1-617-277-77-65

Official website of artist Misha Lenna:
Official website of the exhibition in Facebook:
Foursquare venue of the exhibition "Reflections 2:

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