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Well, what can I say ...
Frankly, I always thought that the subject unfairly, in his view, the Bani, the man (and probably think all punished), must, offended by the whole world for a long time to pout and all.
Not at all! I, of course, only speak for myself, but for the first time having been in the bath, the only experience positive feelings, akin, perhaps, to those who have antique dealers, "dilerovavshih" back in the seventies and the deaf have passed through the prison, who are suspicious of colleagues in which this fact is not a biography!


But, if no jokes, serious punishment, no one wish! Not being able to go to your favorite forum, found himself in a kind of "information vacuum"!
Seeing no other way to escape, took on the job a week of unpaid leave, and at the end of last week, flew to Amsterdam, having to catch the end of it Tefaf. After eating Amsterdam, moved by train to Brussels, where just opened Eurantica.

But punishment remind yourself there! The fact that in the first week of Lent, with no one to swear, even can be seen as quite good. Abbot Eumenes of the video says, for example, that "information component" post (in the sense - not to climb on porn sites, etc.) is far more important than the well known diet!
But there is another side. I go on the show, I see a lot of wonderful theme stands - "Malevich and his friends", "Kandinsky and his circle." And most importantly, no way to decide on the shopping - no whispers in his ear: "They do not buy, there is one bullshit. Buy from us". On the contrary, the atmosphere is very friendly, "We have nature and neighbors nature. Choose what you prefer!"
Myself, I confess, in the material slightly to "float", and who would not have sailed from such abundance! Here would have put on the forum a couple of things from there, to listen to opinions of respected members of the forum, but ... banned, hell!!!

However, something still bought. I think that if so Korovin painted boulevards, the popular and often voiced an opinion on this forum, according to which
paper on Korovin most important things
probably could not have, and arise!
A transcript of the monogram on the porcelain tube, although it is unlikely to add anything to a pitiful few hundred euros, which it is, can still provide some entertainment for connoisseurs!


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