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Expert in graphics and sixties" why do you think so, but the real market thinks differently, and similarly weak picture Arapov do not buy while the estimate from 1800 Euro (though 10t. of course I want to periodically like friends).

Well sold its large and high-quality works of impressionism"- 15 thousand.

And those rates that You dreamed of in previous messages that were left before the crisis of 2008 together with the naive belief that the price of Russian artists will only grow always.

But there it was about QUALITY paintings.

If someone can find who will fork out for your Arabesque Zelenka more than 6000, and that due to incredible luck with the conclusion from the expert on schedule", then consider that it Arapov wrote feather from the Firebird.

P.S. at Least You can count upon it, and we're vain exercise. The more that 100 years later, even this gets some historical significance.

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