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По умолчанию The auction house "Kabinet" held one of its most successful auction

Total auction "objects of history. Orders, medals and insignia Russia Empire »№ 7, which was held on February 7, was billed 253 the lot, which sold out of 169 (representing 66%of sales from the total number of exposed lots). Undoubtedly, this is a great result (even for the pre-crisis times). For the first time at a public auction 150 lots once exhibited tokens and signs, for which struggled in the hall and on the phone at the same time several buyers.
Two lots exceeded the mark of 10 million rubles! Chain of the Order of St. Andrew's was sold for 17mln. 50 thousand rubles (including premium auction house)! Badge of the Order of St. Andrew's was sold for 15.4 million rubles! 13 lots reached a final price of more than 1 million rubles! Among them are almost all extremely rare top awards Imperial Russia, which "left" with significant excess of estimate:. Set of signs of the Order of the White Eagle (with a preliminary estimate of 2-2,5 million) sold in the light of prizes - for 5,5 million rubles. Separate lot exhibited Badge of the Order of the White Eagle (workshop Alberta Keibel, 1882-1898gg). Estimate 1 million - 1 million 250 thousand rubles. Price was 1 million. 815tys. rub. The 4 million 70 thousand rubles. (including premium) cost the new owner with a selection of 10 unique antique tokens Russian railways.

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