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Dear Sirs, I ask you to express an opinion on an identification and evaluation of icons .... The remaining inscription reads that the image belongs to the Virgin of Chernigov . In my opinion, the icon is not written on this board. Levaks with colorful layer was cut with icons and later attached to the new base coat . Board simply glued together from two halves. Board in place gluing razoshlas.Vidimo rough restoration was carried out in the Soviet times .
Judging by the silver frame icon was decorated with the commercials in 1890 Vasily Utkin jeweler .
I assume that this is the list with engravings Chernigov Miraculous image , but all the lists with this icon known ... Who is the master and the master at all?
Maybe an old village priest of the nineteenth century ?
Until he found the answer ....
I ask for the opportunity to help . Icon is not for sale, located in a priest , Father really wants to understand whether it makes sense in the restoration ...
Size without salary : 28.5 cm x 37.8 cm
And if not too much trouble , the estimated cost of the icons?
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Icon con . 19th century ( one -time salary ) , performed in one of the prof. icon-painting workshops center . Russia . Icons such performance with the storyline , numerous , they were made in large quantities . In the restoration of course you need to give , but not anyhow anyone and professional restorer , and there's a lot of work needs to be done correctly . By salary : it is desirable to insert stones in the crown , in place of the lost .
Приобретаю старинные иконы, предложения направляйте на ark150@ya.ru

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