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По умолчанию Ukrainian icon - 2 People "

Ukrainian sacred art can not be separated from the folk icon ... This is a huge reservoir that is still not fully understood and has not been investigated.
There is a layer of painting, which is lower than the interest of the museum so to speak, museum condition. Countless Ofen went to the villages and distribute countless icons, which in terms of high art should be attributed to the artisan crafts and svoeobraznomu mass consumption .
Next to the professionals at the icons were "inexperienced" artists who do not adhere to the letter throughout the canon, was added to the product of something of their own, individual, and at the same time, the characteristic (intentsionno) is for "untrained" artists - all this evidence " restraining "order of ecclesiastical authority

Classical iconography in Ukraine was developed in accordance with orthodox canons (though the board were taken mostly bogus), except that the icons were drawn on the glass (mostly in Western Ukraine) and embroidered on fabric According to most scholars in this period were laid down the basic features of Ukrainian national iconography from Russia and other Orthodox schools. The main differences between Ukrainian icons from the rest of the Orthodox school of icon painting, most scientists believe

a certain softness of color;
application of pure gold with a warmer color than the harsh Russian icons from the paler colors of gilding;

application of plant ornaments, using the colors wherever possible to apply (painting ornaments on their clothes, the edges of the frame board icons);

soft, almost timid to write the most popular images of Ukrainian iconography (particularly the Virgin).
The question arises: who, where and when to create these icons, how they spread, how to fall into the rural house?

In the idle time from the cases studied Malevanaya blacksmith and was known as the best painter in all okolodke. Himself, even if good health ... A captain called to his purpose in Poltava boards shalt paint a fence near his home. All the bowls, of which dikanskie Cossacks slurp soup, were painted a blacksmith. Smith was bogoboyazlivy man and wrote parts of the image of the saints, and even now can be found in T ... Church of the Evangelist Luke. But the triumph of his art was a painting, daubed on the wall of the church porch in right, in which he depicted St. Peter on the day of Judgement, with the keys in his hands, casting out evil spirits from hell: scared the devil tossed in all directions, in anticipation of its destruction, and Prisoners were beaten and sinners before chasing him with whips, logs and all that horrible either. At a time when the artist worked over this picture and wrote it on a large wooden board, damn all he could to stop him: pushing invisible arm, raised from the crucible in the smithy ashes and sprinkled it now, but despite all the work was finished board, entered the church and let into the wall of the porch, and since then the devil has vowed to avenge the blacksmith.

1. The Virgin and Child "- a nach.19.
2. "Miracle Worker Saint Nick Saints! - 19.
3. The Holy Praskaveya - 19c.
4. "Epiphany" - 19.
5. "Bogomatnr with baby Jesus and John the Baptist - 19th century.

Photo of Icons of my modest collection.
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