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Interesting and informative site, I recommend everyone who is engaged in collecting icons (EA)
-------------------------------------------------- -------------
Old Russian icon painting
A collection of icons, collected by Michael Yevgenyevich Elizabeth's
  (Years of life: April 9, 1939 - September 11, 2009.)
is one of the biggest Among the icons private collections in Russia at the beginning of the XXI century.
It is distinguished by high artistic quality products and complete historical coverage: there are memorials to XIV - XVII centuries, created during ancient Russia and the icon of modern times, XVIII - early XX century.
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The site you are familiar with the history of collecting icons in Russia, which will evaluate published by gathering in a historical context. All the works are located in the chronological order, divided into groups and stylistic phases. Reproductions of works of a group are preceded by historical and artistic characteristics.
On the history of my collection.

The first icon, which marked the beginning of my collection, I bought in 1977 - is "The Virgin
Bogolubskaya »XIX century. I especially liked it, liked and still por.S this time I began to study the ancient Russian painting with interest. In addition, I began to communicate with collectors. Among them were Konstantin Sokolov, Nikolay Vorobev and others who have already collected large and valuable collection. They are very interesting to tell about his famous icons, among which, of course, were masterpieces.
Collecting ancient art has become my passion, more than that - a favorite passion. At all the money I would buy a good icon. And so carried away that he never had his own apartment, all the time he lived on swap. Much of the collection was assembled in the USSR.
Many very valuable icons (which are a national treasure), I was literally saved from the removal of (illegal) abroad. They, like all important works from my collection, will remain in Russia and will be available to all Russians.
Over time I realized that no money would be enough to buy whatever I wanted. And I began to exchange less significant works of ancient art to the more important for Russian culture.
Thus, as a result of my passion for collecting works of ancient art, I went into the new Russia with a very good collection, consisting of ninety-two icons, among which have been masterpieces XV, XVI, XVII, XVIII and XIX centuries. Among them - "The Transfiguration of the Lord" the first half of XV century, St. Catherine of His Life "for the second quarter of the XVI century, subscription Stroganov icon" Annunciation, "created in the early XVII century Nazary Istomin Savin, a few icons of the most famous school of icon painting of XVIII-XIX centuries - Palekh.
Legally permitted business in the new Russia will earn just more money. Eighty percent of them I continued to spend on the icon, but only those I and experts of world renown (for him, I always treated) approved. At the slightest doubt in the time of writing the icons, I refused to purchase.
While almost all Russian businessmen are engaged only in "collecting the difference" - buying, selling more expensive, "the difference", ie money, adds to the money, and so on. Someone has acquired the house, expensive furniture, foreign cars (I'm up to the last two years went to the local machines).
I bought and bought my favorite masterpieces of ancient art and the collection grew and grew, especially when I began to acquire Russian icons abroad and return them to Russia, their historical homeland. Some of these icons have been displayed at several exhibitions, including the exhibition "Return of property", held at the Tretyakov Gallery in spring 2008.
In June of that year at the State Museum-Reserve Tsaritsyno an exhibition of the best works from my collection, which includes about two hundred icons. Her organization helped me to specialists: Engelina Smirnova - Professor of Moscow State University and an expert with a worldwide reputation (especially in the most ancient works relating to the XIV, XV and the beginning of the XVI century), Natalia Ignatyevna Komashko - the Museum of Andrei Rublev, a large connoisseur of icons XVII, XVIII and XIX centuries, Alexander the Transfiguration - Professor of Moscow State University, researcher of ancient paintings XV-XVII centuries. It is through their participation the most significant part of my collection was able to show in the halls of Tsaritsyn "a meat house." The peculiarity of this exhibition is that it presents not only the major schools of ancient art, but also the provincial centers and workshops where prominent Russian artists have created the icon, which now boasts not only our country but the entire world.
Thus, the exhibited collection of icons is a kind of reading books on the history of ancient painting. Visiting two or three times this exhibition, you can get a full picture of the development of Russian iconography and see some icons that are not inferior to the masterpieces of world-class, established in any country in different epochs.
I am currently working on legal documents, which will guarantee that this collection will never be sold and divided my heirs, and will always remain accessible to the people of our country - Russia.
Here is a brief history of my collection and its subsequent fate.
I was very pleased to learn that many visitors to the exhibition have left their comments in the guest book, and I understand that knowingly lived a life doing (perhaps partially) his destiny.

ME De Bouar (Elizavetin). 2009.
Website http://rus-icons.ru/index.php
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