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По умолчанию From the article by B. Nemtsov "Luzhkov. Itogi."

Empire Inteko "
Here are the objects of the empire "Inteko, decorated decisions Luzhkov (right note, it is only about the facts published).

1.Mikrorayon business-class "Grand Park" - the southern part of Khodynsky fields: total living area of 420 000 square. m. Half invested "Mosfundamentstroy-6, and the other half -" Inteko. Voiced plans to expand the building.
2.Mikrorayon "Aero-Park" - also Khodynskoye field: total area of 950 000 square. m of hotels, offices, apartments, retail space. Also mixed with "Maus Fung dament system-6.
Forbes magazine notes that Victor Nesterenko, director and principal owner MFS-6, with the late 1990's fought hard to start developing the former airfield. But only in 2002, when the project appeared Inteko, construction has begun.
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3.Mikrorayon business class "Shuvalov at the intersection of the Lomonosov and Michurinsky prospectuses. The total area of 275 000 square. Investor m. Construction was established by government decree in Moscow from 23.07.2002 № 581-PP "On the construction of the Fundamental Library of Moscow State University. MV University and residential quarters on the land of Lomonosov Avenue (West administrative district), but find this document on the website of the Moscow authorities have not yet succeeded. Prospects for the development of the project - up to 1 million square feet. meters of housing. As compensation for land, which previously belonged to MSU, "Inteko has financed the construction of a new library. In Chamber such exchange has caused a lot of questions (see the panel of the RF from 07.07.06 № 25K (492), but no impact was not.
4.Uchastok on Michurinskom Avenue - 3 hectares. OOO "Territorial Directorate" Ramenskaya plans to build 120 thousand square meters. meters of housing. 50%TD "Ramenskaya", according to "Spark-Interfax, belongs to CJSC INTECO, another 50%- CJSC" Minor ", which the CEO is the brother of Elena Baturina Victor. Documents on the building of Khodynka and Michurinsky Avenue became the first municipal administrative documents in the field of development, published after pereutverzhdeniya Yuri Luzhkov, the mayor of Moscow, July 6, 2007. Over the right to sign the land lease contract for Michurinskom Inteko "should pay 348.9 million rubles (or $ 12.9 million for the Central Bank exchange rate on the day of release orders), which corresponds to the value of $ 4.3 million per hectare, according to documents the town hall. Experts called the price too low.
"Approximate cost of land can be estimated at a cost of $ 200 per built square meter. Thus, the value of the site could reach $ 24 million ", - says the vice-president Michael Blackwood Goetz in Kommersant on 19/07/2007.
5.Mikrorayon economy-class "Kutuzov" in Odintsovo district, three kilometers from Moscow on Mozhayskoe highway. Investor - SU-155, co-investor - Inteko. 500 000 square. meters of housing.
6. "Molzhaninovo" - 225 hectares for housing for the ring road in the airport Sheremetyevo.
7.Na shared with Mirax Group and the Federal Grid Company (subsidiary of RAO UES of Russia) Elena Baturin is building a site on the north of Moscow, which is a high-voltage power line.
8.Zhiloy complex Granatny Lane in the territory of the Moscow Humanitarian Pedagogical Institute Inteko "erects with ST-Group.
9. "Mendeleev" - on the street Heroes Panfilov, possession of 20, the construction of commercial housing in the territory of Chemical Technology of Russia University (RCTU) them. DI Mendeleev. Inteko "was co-investor to ZAO SU-155" and OOO "Athena". Area - 70 000 sq. km. m (may increase to 150 000 square meters. m).
10. "Kuzminki Weaving." Buildings regulated directly by several decisions of the government in Moscow - from 18.02.2003 № 104-PP "About placing housing, cultural, domestic, municipal and other types of construction in Moscow, 2003-2010." Dated 25.12.2001 № 1166-HB "On city planning area development plan of South-Eastern Administrative District up to 2020" dated 24.12.2002 № 1046-PP "On the building of neighborhood Kuzminki (st. Okskaya - Volga Boulevard) in South-Eastern Administrative District, as well as the order of 20 January 2004 № 26-RP "On measures to enforce the decree of the Government of Moscow dated 24.12.2002 № 1046" On the building of neighborhood Kuzminki (st. Okskaya - Volga Boulevard) in South-East administrative district of the first and the completion of the reorganization of the territory of the industrial zone number 56 "Grayvoronovo" (square and 115). Investor of the construction and the withdrawal of industrial enterprises, according to these documents, was "Inteko. The first phase - 300 000 sq. km. m, but experts suggest, the prospects of the project - construction of 800 000 sq. km. am the Moscow Government dated 20 January 2004 number 26-RP to ZAO Inteko responsible for investor-builder for works on the reorganization of the second stage of the industrial zone number 56 "Grayvoronovo" (sq. 115a), the withdrawal of enterprises and building vacated territory .
11.Sokolniki - Resolution of Moscow Government from September 23, 2003 № 795-PP "On the construction of a complex of residential houses in the liberated territory of industrial area Sokolniki (HLW)" at: Popov Ave, ow. 4, 4a, 2 and Rusakovskaya nab. Ow. 7, ZAO Inteko attract investors to build housing estate and the subsequent release of the property to him "and raised them in due course co-investors: a total floor area - 70%total non-residential area - 70%area of the underground parking garage -- 85%of parking spaces and common areas, as well as 100%of the total space of service providers. CJSC INTECO "" released: from the pay equity in the development of urban utility networks and facilities in the issuance of technical conditions for accession, from royalty to the development of social and engineering infrastructure of the city of Moscow. It is about the construction of 60 thousand square. Already am Dec. 25, 2007 Luzhkov signed a new decree, under which "Inteko relies not 70%and 94%of the ownership of the constructed building. With the cost of a square space housing a thousand dollars and the market price of apartment. m in the region 4-5 thousand dollars in the 2007 case of profit about $ 200 million and is just one of many examples.
12.Bolshaya Pirogovskaya - the Moscow Government dated November 21, 2003 № 2132-RP "On the design of dwelling house at the address: Str. Most Pirogovskaya, 51 (CAO), "the investor to implement in 2003-2004. design of residential homes on the site slated for demolition of dilapidated residential structure at the address specified CJSC INTECO.
13.Stroitelstvo elite residential house in Krivoarbatsky Lane (d. 4, p. 4). According to the decree of the Government of Moscow dated March 16, 2004 № 154-PP "On measures to complete the construction of dormitories for students with disabilities and the theater building at: Reserve pr, 10/12, and a dwelling house at: Krivoarbatskiy Lane. , 4, p. 4 ", investor - company Inteko" gets 100%ownership of residential and nonresidential areas. For this "Inteko must complete the construction of an extension to the existing building of the State Specialized Institute of Arts, which is part of Rossiyskogo international center for creative rehabilitation of the disabled, hostels for students with disabilities and the theater building in the Kiev railway station (at the Reserve Proezd 10.12 ), as well as to compensate the former investor JSC "Corporate development of innovative technologies in the regions" costs incurred in the performance of obligations under the investment contract on June 24, 2002 number DZHP.02.TSAO. 00359, in the prescribed manner.
14.Zhiloy quarter Perov. This is a joint project of the Department of investment construction programs of Moscow (Dipsy) and CJSC INTECO, which were funded in equal parts design and construction of residential buildings with a total area of 30 thousand square meters. m at the following addresses: Federated Prospect, 14, Bldg. 1 and 14, p. 12; st. Metallurgists, 60 a, p. 9, and d. 60, p.10 locally owned JSC "Inservis-sim" dilapidated buildings. The Moscow Government dated 31 July 2003 № 1357-RP "On making amendments and additions to the Government of Moscow dated 18.10.2002 № 1 578-RP" On the construction of houses at the following addresses: Federated prospekt, 14. Bldg. 1 and 14, p. 12; st. Metallurgists, 60 a, p. 9, and d. 60, p. 10 (Eastern Administrative District).
15.Proekt Northern Butovo. More than 60 000 square meters. m of housing and infrastructure on land owned by the State agency "All-Russia Scientific Research Institute of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants, Russia Academy of Agricultural Sciences (RAAS VILAR), neighborhood 8A (1.2 ha) and 9 (3.65 hectares) of Northern Butova (disposal of the Government of Moscow from May 22, 2003 № 841-RP "On the construction of houses in the neighborhood 8 A and 9 of the Northern Butova"). The same document also provides for the elimination of economic center VILAR RAAS and release stains Building 6 A neighborhood in North Butovo.
16.15-I Park Street - the Moscow Government dated 31 December 2003 № 2457-SPM on the construction in 2004-2005. houses with built-adjoined residential spaces and parking garages on the site planned to demolish the office building of the Defense Ministry, which is located at: ul. 15-I Park, 31 (Eastern Administrative District) function of the customer to build objects entrusted to the company Inteko.
17.Territoriya MIFI - the Moscow Government dated May 24, 2002 № 719-RP defined implementation in 2003-2007. integrated area development MEPI in proletarian Avenue apartment buildings at the expense of attracting investors - CJSC INTECO "and OOO" Finance house "basis and the company.
18.Rasporyazheniem Government of Moscow dated June 30, 2004 № 1292-RP dwelling house at: Sadovaya-Sukharevskaya, Building 10, Building 1 (TSAO of Moscow), recognized as an emergency with the further reconstruction of a non-residential purposes. In accordance with the Moscow Government dated August 4, 2003 № 1381-RP "On the reconstruction Rozhdestvensky Boulevard and neighborhoods 263, 264, 265, 266, 267, 268, 270 Meshchansky District Central Administrative District with construction starting houses" investor-customer in Financing for the design and implementation in 2003-2007. comprehensive reconstruction of block 270 Meshchansky district (which includes a house 10, page 1 Street. Sadovaya-Sukharevskaya) is a closed joint stock company Inteko.
19.Rasporyazheniem government of Moscow from July 14, 2004 № 1415-RP "On the complex reconstruction of buildings at the address: Str. Ilinka, 3 /8, p. 3, 4 and Epiphany Lane., 6, p. 1 "in order to provide a comprehensive reconstruction of the territory of the historical center of Moscow, as well as taking into account the poor technical condition of the buildings are single architectural complex (" Warm trade rows "), ZAO Inteko allowed to perform in 2004-2007. complex reconstruction of buildings 3, 4 home 3 /8 on the street. Ilyinke and structure of 1 house number 6 on Bogoyavlensky Lane. As well as new construction of multi administrativnogostinichnogo complex with underground parking with a total area of up to 20 000 square meters. m.
20. "Moscow City". In late 2005, "Inteko bought 50%shares of developer company" City Palace "from ST Group. The other 50%owned by an offshore company C & T Equity Ltd. Ltd. "City Palace has become a developer building a" Moscow-City-wide area with a mixed-use complex comprising the Moscow Wedding Palace area of 2000 square meters. m, underground parking for 1500 places, offices, retail space and a hotel.

21.Setun. Second after the "Aero-Park" on the scale of the project "Inteko - 570 000 sq. km. m of offices and hotels in Minsk street next to Victory Park. Inteko is planning to build on the bank Setun retail and office complex "Cosmo Park" on an area of 180 ha reserve in the territories "Valley Setun, derived from the protected zone in 2006 to the Moscow government.
22.Sadovnicheskaya Quay - business center on 35 000 square meters. m.
23.U "Inteko three sites in Moscow under the hotel: in addition to Ilinka a plot on Prospekt Mira, and Nagatino backwater.

Boris Nemtsov
Luzhkov. Results

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