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По умолчанию Church of St. Nicholas "Grand Cross", destroyed by the Bolsheviks in 1933.

Before the Revolution Church of St. Nicholas stood on Ilyinke and popularly nicknamed "Grand Cross".
He constructed it in 1680-1688 years of rich merchants from Arkhangelsk brothers Filatevy, ordered a build yourself a splendor that would be glorified and themselves hramozdateley, their generosity and zeal to pious deeds. Unfortunately, the names of architects, we do not know.
The lower floor served as a burial place, and in the temple itself were two entrances through the porch, raised three arches and beautifully carved in white stone. An elegant building was almost square, the second and third tiers were decorated with capitals, and large windows framed by lush trims.
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The most unusual was located at the top of the building - are unknown to the master in the lower tier of a two-tier hexagonal end placed windows, beautiful and unusual forms of Moscow, and upper ribbed shells filled, so loved by Russian masters after Fryazino Aleviz New, who built the Cathedral of the Archangel in the Kremlin.
Similar shells were placed in the base and elongated necks of all the five domes, decorated with embossed stars.

Interior of the church was a match for her appearance. Ornaments are considered a majestic carved iconostasis, like a piece of jewelry. The sights of the temple, from where he got his name, was standing at the choir-foot wooden cross, arranged by the same brothers Filatevymi, which have been concluded more than a hundred relics of various saints.
Near the church stood a tower, which was built simultaneously with it, but topped by a pseudo-closed after a fire in 1812.
Text quoted from the book: Romaniuk SK Moscow. Loss. M.: Izd VET "Center", 1992. 336 pp., Il.
From the blog http://www.liveinternet.ru/community...post107606346/
The official reason for the demolition of the temple was that it went far on the porch, sidewalk and prevented the movement. First, in 1933, dismantled the porch, and then the church itself.
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