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По умолчанию Nicholas Levenko of Feodosia

All are going to brag about. Well I'm here two weeks ago met with a legend of our forum Nicholas Levenko, the main Aivazovsky.

I was passing him in Feodosiya on the day of the celebration of 200-летия Aivazovsky. Came in the mail, bought stamps and envelopes released by that date. And then in the gallery. The main building was on the occasion of closed (was waiting for important guests). So I went into the second building. It is not very significant. It is mostly religious paintings, portraits, seascapes by other artists (Bogolyubov, Dubovskoy), students (Fessler, Magdesian), grandson of Hansen, plus area charts Maximilian Voloshin. Voloshin closed blinds, only open for visitors for a while. Ask: "Who is stronger than all approached the level of Aivazovsky?". Levenko in response: "Rather Fessler".

So, of course, enormous pleasure from communication. Passionate about for thirty years according to various sources, collects the catalogue of the works of Aivazovsky. Used to buy all the editions with reproductions, all cards. Now the Internet helps. Questioned, as in a documentary about Aivazovsky it was removed. Greetings conveyed from members of the forum and of the editorial Board. And, of course, a big thanks from all for science.
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