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По умолчанию Experts. Hmmm ...

Night, and I can not sleep . I can not calm down and understand why people turn to pseudo - experts who do not have to deal with such a responsible thing ?
I did not know in what subject to write your post, but I think that there is not so much a " Caution Fakes " as " Caution Experts"

Well, how could Professor Gorbachov issue is an expert opinion ? Well, why take responsibility when a person does not own material? Well what Burliuk and the temperature ? Good people ! The person issuing the expert opinion does not even know that in the hands holding an unsuccessful copy of a very famous picture of DD Burliuk "In the Russian village" , 1926 . Well, in all popular directories on many online resources , you can see it everywhere . Even a half- blind and half- grammotno .
Well, how to be and how to live? But for that, and the money necessary to pay . Here's how Professor D. Gorbachov legalizes art fraud .
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