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One thing is sure - Glasha like
Glasha liked it! Amazing ... as you know? )), In fact never never stuttered ... eh? ...
Indeed, very French (now I will copy itself Barbara)

Once is enough (and pleasure) pokolesiv the south of France (between Montpellier and Perpignan in the main), who had heard a car this good French music ... even miss ...
Always listened with pleasure to hooligan Serge Ginzbura, but I was told that in France, his songs are not very fond of (personal opinion, of course, is not it - I do not know) for his often immoral texts, but when the "no text", so och.horosh. ..

unfortunately, found only one, his most famous, with Jane Birkin .., from my search engine - is that ...

))) And then can not upload - niChChego not understand ... previously loaded once ..... give the address:

Nana, as it is to you .., the young Gilels performs .., there are a lot of pictures with dogs ...

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