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От ГРМ подтверждения быть не может. Образ Богоматери не соответствует тому, который создавал Васнецов. Сама живопись беспомощная. Это копия, работы неизвестного художника.
XRF actually shows a highly competent artist in both application and quality of pigments capable of producing a `well painted' image by academic standards in spectrum no less. The zinc white shows excellent application technique among other pigments. To say this artist is somehow substandard in any way is not correct by any academic standard. I think you know this. And you know as well as I that the underdrawing is significant beyond any criticism you have. It is very correct to that photograph and is physical evidence that provides a standard of proof well exceeding your opinion. I also believe that you do not speak for all of Russia. But I do agree that the Tretyakov should examine this painting. This painting is an anomaly of a very high order.

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