Тема: Abstract forever
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artcol, noticed that somehow you with a soft sign in Russian, take liberties, you have this appear in random locations, and this fact changes the meaning of the verb :-)
IMHO, too many characters .. it's pretty simple - an abstraction - the composition and colors, do not rely on figurative everyday life.
If the artist forgets that first and foremost is the composition, then we obtain multicolored amoeba who want to call a provincial abstract art.
Starting with Cezanne all went to the fact that the composition and color took away more and more attention to the artist and viewer.
In Russia, a provincial abstract, because in the composition of our artists are weak, Malevich and Kandinsky when they were., And then only a short glimpse. And in the West, on the contrary, the tendency of the solution pattern of strong composition intensified the genius of Picasso, Matisse, Braque, Dali, Le Corbusier, yes they are all strong in composition.
In the old regime abstractionism, Malevich, Kandinsky was a lot of reason, dry theory, my friend, but the tree of life green. Therefore, with the 40-ies of Americans to the ideas of rational composition and color are welcome to wear a irrational action paintings, t e a spontaneous, semi-conscious painting. Dry immediately healed abstract passions, EM they were able to find a middle ground.
Abstract surrealism Gorky, as well as any surrealist tells us about other people's nightmares and complexes. But who cares? we have enough of his, from which would be happy to get rid of, and then there was someone else's. People want positive, so all the surreal - marginally.
Education abstract art is the training track, we have no one to teach, and Americans feel perfectly plane leaf, the centers of gravity, the combination of small and large items, they understand that abstraction is a clear and precise composition, we understand that abstraction is when it is not clear that daubed.
I myself as an artist, suffer from this drawback, so I say with such vehemence.
художник Ixygon - http://artnow.ru/ru/gallery/3/9765/picture/0/0.html

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