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ivan-msk, I purely practical point of view . If unframed at this price , I can make some of Jawlensky hundred pieces and they will be much more similar to the original source .

This ignorance of the situation. Now designers " moved " in computer graphics . In particular in the printing industry . And by the same methods as 100 years ago, the installation is performed songs only on computers. In particular, the composition of the assembled homogeneous elements , such as advertising. You realize criticism from the standpoint of art , which is not in the first paper .
About 100 design works .
 Modern designers are working on the order and on the conveyor. These 100 works to be done to the rate for the month at 2 - 30 bucks apiece and sign them to print an advertiser from the first presentation .
Not brave, is not very easy to do .
Believe me, the specific work of the designer , but I see that presented for discussion of the artist's work ( the designer) , though , I think the pre-computer era. And now , if necessary, similar work as advertising item can also be present to the customer.

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