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I do not want to leave the subject, so try again:

I quite agree with Qwerty - Russian avant-garde is our invaluable and has not yet evaluated the contribution to world art. Not evaluated, strangely enough, it is with us - there is no prophet in his own country.
Apparently, about the Russian avant-garde is not to say interesting, because very few people on the forum sees the potential for investment ...
I assure you that Kostakis and Gribanov collected after the war is not everything and everyone, although collected "on the list. And except for their names public, our art history expands the circle very slowly, and mostly "tramp has beaten track".
Here's an example:
Vitebsk group UNOVIS at the time of its creation, there were a dozen members.
After a triumphant return from a conference in Moscow in June 1920, at which UNOVIS held an exhibition of his works and a rally in Vitebsk, in her "studio Chagall came in full force"
What are the teachers: Chagall, Malevich, Lissitzky, Ermolaeva, Kogan, Yakerson ...
And what are students - they were just 16 - 18 years, and Museum Narcompros Bureau (headed by D. Schr) bought at an exhibition of their work, along with their own teachers - the sum of paid quite comparable (in RGALI have bought lists of works).
As a result, we have: talent talent X = unknown.
Here, for example, now Nikolai Mikhailovich Suetina all considered to be pillars of the Russian avant-garde, but his whole life he did not have any! solo exhibition, and he started as one of the rank and file members UNOVIS.
In UNOVIS Malevich, were still "Zorved" Michael Matyushina, students Kandinsky, Tatlin ...
In my opinion - the field is not godfather to work, but only of material goods, it will still return from obscurity the names of good artists. Many of them do not even set the dates of life!

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