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Сообщение от goldberg; 2978481"
I bought a supply of one of the most eminent experts Basner .
here слова Vasilieva :
I know Lena 30 years. I gave it to Bukowski . My heart is broken with respect to it 10 years ago, when she had to write the foreword to our book of Schuster and threw such a trick , after which neither I nor Schuster family never talked with her . I do not want when it hard to write about the plot of those old stories. I would never have bought the painting from her. NEVER ! But now it's not about that. I am absolutely sure that Lena only a small detail of this story , which entirely takes place near the belt .
«А мы жертвы агрессии. И мы, как мученики, попадем в рай. А они просто сдохнут, потому что они даже раскаяться не успеют».

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