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Exclamation Elena Basner - arrest of a respected expert! Your opinion?

Investigative Committee Petersburg shocked the world of art. In serious fraud in the sale of paintings suspected Elena Basner - the first specialist in the international market painting avant daughter cult Soviet composer who wrote your favorite song Vladimir Putin "Where the Motherland Begins ". On January 31, a key figure in the camera is placed on the absolute range of urban culture. "Fontanka " find out how many years the head of the UK business pushed Alexander Bastrykin and that reputation was under attack Russian Museum.
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From noon on February 1 Phones majority of players in the market antique painting of St. Petersburg, Moscow , Helsinki, Amsterdam and London have undergone abnormal connection within themselves. Collectors and intermediaries , salon owners and exhibition organizers , experts and counterfeiters called up, emotionally discussing only one news. On many of the general public never heard about some of the know on different continents. The news about the arrest of Elena Basner got to " Fontanka " at 11:53 .
According to the Investigative Committee of St. Petersburg , a former judge of the Russian Museum , the employee eminent auction house in Finland Bukowskis, first world expert on Russian avant-garde painting participated in a sly scheme sale painting Grigorieva serious Petersburg collector Andrey Vasilyev.
At this point we must recall that Elena Basner not just number one , the author of monographs and reviews , specialist, being invited to lecture in New York , and at this moment in Amsterdam , an exhibition Khardzhiev , which she gave an assessment introductory article in the catalog. It is not only the daughter of iconic Soviet composer Benjamin Basner , whose tune "Where the Motherland Begins ", as we know, love and personally by Vladimir Putin .
Basner - a kind of symbol of our Petersburg proclaimed cultural capital . Nikita Mikhalkov is not , of course. After all, we in the north and " lower pipe and smoke thinner " and yet born Elena Basner present inside the cultural elite. There are not only the high ceilings in the loft with oak cupboards . Visiting her father would sit Dmitri Shostakovich and others that are now our " Greek gods ."
From the point of view of classical , albeit devalued nowadays intellectuals if Mikhalkov , Rosenbaum - ardent representatives of establishment , then Elena Basner become an integral part of the spirit of St. Petersburg with its mandatory code of conduct . There is never enough . Among them, the historian Lev Lurie , art critic Alexander Borovsky and those whom the reader will remember myself. Basner - figure, without which in the " chess " can not play and creation myth lame. Inserted into the medium in the frame. In fact, it is in itself carries the stigma of quality.
Biography Basner extremely correct : from the Academy of Fine Arts - the Russian Museum . Her horse - pillars of the avant-garde , Malevich and Goncharova . Basner involved in the art market as an expert. This is very typical , is not justified and condemnable . As Soviet dressmaker sew at home. So become prosperous museum staff . Basner always evokes sympathy , fun and energetic .
Yet wrong to draw an analogy , like Basner - "Pele in football " or " Coumarin in organized communities." Culture - not only the world of big money , where honest and not very involved in sales and exhibitions. Each state has a visual presentation and Russian painting - part of the national image . This image is in Angola, but it costs as much as it cost to Angola . And our powerful visual image on the canvases of artists , of course, spawned a huge market.
But , if the Soviet Union was the vanguard of social consciousness in the suburbs , and in the 90s he was dragged across the border and exchanged for sneakers , today painting comes to us from there and here is bought for millions. This little painting , new heroes have a lot of money , and even more ambition . But if something swirling around large sums , the corruption is imminent aggression .
Insiders know that in the Russian museum, you can officially get an estimate of the painting , and you can parallel . And often the same experts. Only unsigned stamps and stamped , for example, the HR department of the museum, which will assure that such art works . This is how to get the amount of silver or paper money . But with all due respect to the law , intent - inner conviction expert - few could deny.
Basner has long left the Russian Museum. She moved in House Matyushina ( Museum Petersburg avant-garde ), and then came the formal pension. Her reputation has allowed her to work with the greatest houses of doing business in art.
In 2009 began a banal story in this world - St. Petersburg Andrey Vasilyev collector bought a classical mediator SHumakova arduous work of the artist of the early twentieth century Grigorieva . Vasiliev took her story - from the collection of General Timofeeva - and 250 thousand dollars. Soon after the exhibition in Moscow, where he was under the camera channel "Culture" sent cloth, reported that the work is known and it does not Grigoriev , and its not a bad copy.
Send negotiations with a mediator , he nodded at Basner . Basner embarrassed , but denied . Vasiliev was not given out of the situation , and he appealed to the authorities . Bodies stared at them unfamiliar design. Vasiliev won three times in court proceedings on illegal rare inaction , then Petrograd AMIA investigation yet instituted proceedings in fraud and transferred materials in CSO .
The saddest thing , yet it turned out that in the Russian Museum has the same picture Grigorieva .
When summoned Basner , she came with a lawyer and briefly nodded at Estonian citizen Aronson . Like, he found a picture in his garage in Vsevolozhsk district of Leningrad region , showed Basner and expert gasped and later offered Vasilyev through an intermediary.
Then detective began to resemble an article. The audit showed that the four convicted Aronson , Tallinn sells glass containers , and in Russia at this time is not stopped by .
Besides journalists published the general nuances of history. Basner gave indignant interview her lawyer Larissa Mal'kova accused of forgery itself Vasilyeva and suspended matter in the meantime .
In August last year, in the walls of the Investigation Committee on the street Torzhkovskaya Leningrad , where he arrived the head of department , Alexander Bastrykin , the next phase . It is similar to the modern Russian TV series " How the triumph of justice ." Vasiliev was at the reception. To the left of the head of the UK sitting Bastrykina Petersburg Klaus , on the right - SC area Rags . Bastrikin listened and instead stared at the damage depth stories . Colleague Klaus agreed to take matters into their production.
In fact accumulated dozens of examinations. Forensic , independent judiciary . Final states: " the picture presented is certainly professional fake ."
Brackets for this episode are thinking about the place of forgery. Note that the forgery had been always . Even when life masters of the Middle Ages . But for this you need a script. If the Russian Museum - Grigoriev real and fake professional, it is likely that it could execute and inside the temple (of course , the main process is not next to the script, in today's realities require extremely high-quality photo) .
And it is quite another story. If you have a standard base and Mr. performer, then you joker . By the way , the real counterfeiters - not artists and restorers . It's like a surgeon and pathologist .
If the investigation does not stop facing insurmountable factors in the face of moral authority , the light can come out and this principled answer .
Intellectuals detention Basner - shock. The rest of the antiques world it can break under established rules . With unpredictable consequences. As for the owners and for the museum staff .
Earlier we heard the reaction of the Russian Museum Director Vladimir Gusev statement Vasiliev. He said that the scandal on the conscience of the collector. Deputy Director Yevgeny Petrov threatened to file a Vassiliev for libel .
In the meantime, investigators provide an estimate that found during searches in the past two days.
February 2 Elena Basner must elect a measure of restraint . "Fontanka" tried to talk to Andrei Vasilyev .
   - About Basner I learned from your own publication. I do not want to comment on now , - he said. To the question if he knows where and when will the court as punishment , Vasilyev said - I do not know , but if I were asked , I would be totally against the arrest. That would not have been in the past , but this I do not wish to Lena .
    Elena Basner by beautiful patented method of determining fakes painting. It is based on the hypothesis that before the era of nuclear testing on the planet Earth , that is, before Hiroshima , on the paintings was not " isotopes ", which appeared after 1945.
    Now the story of the St. Petersburg subculture of antiques will also be divided into " before his arrest Basner " and after it.
    Eugene Vyshenkov " to Fontanka.ru "

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