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British Transport Minister Simon Burns lives out of town.
Went to work on an official car with a driver.
It was recently discovered that in the year for such a trip is spent 80,000 pounds (took him, by the way, not a Mercedes with a flashing light, and a modest, if not to "lohovskoy", Toyota Avensis <! - ~ 1 ~ -> ).
But citizens, disgruntled railroad rates rise, began to demand that the minister went to work on the train and come to know how much a pound is dashing. He was trying to justify the fact that the car worked on official documents. >
So, in the end the Minister now goes all the (other ministers who live outside the city) by train.

Incidentally, in the course of this case have estimated that if the minister went to work not on the official car, a taxi, then it would not in the budget of 80 thousand pounds, and much cheaper - in 36tys.

Yes, England did the level of responsibility (accountability) officials for their actions close to the maximum, to a greater extent by the almost uncompromising and very independent press (even the Rupert Murdoch often powerless), especially yellow, particularly The Sun (thesun.co.uk ). Be sure to read every day. This is a powerful tool that can own (as shown by recent history) even affect the outcome of election campaigns, and accurate barometer of public opinion in England.

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/It 's_The_Sun_Wot_Won_It

Of course, this is not the dissatisfaction related to the increase in railway tariffs. This wave of revelations of unscrupulous officials has lasted two years. And of course the phenomenon is exclusively political. Even my classmate was involved in a similar scandal. )))

Cyril, I hope you do not try to compare us and them. It is an exercise in futility. ))

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