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I think it would be better if in the current situation all the houses, on the one hand, will enter into a contract with another @- will require transparency and public reporting.
What-то Chef, scientist,
With kitchens ran his
In a pub (he was devout rules
And in this day in Qom funeral feast rules)
And stereoi home food from mice
The cat was left.

But what, on returning, he sees? On the floor
Scraps of cake; and Vaska-Кот in the corner
Crouching behind a barrel of vinegar,
Purring and growling, is working on kurchonkom.

"Ах you glutton! Oh, the villain! @-
Then Vaska Cook [email protected]
Do not be ashamed eh walls you, not just people?
(And Vaska all-таки of kurcinka cleans.)
How! Being the honest Cat until
Sometimes, for example you serenta seem,@-
And you... so hot, what a shame!
Now, all the neighbors will say:
"Кот Vaska knave! The cat Vaska is a thief!
And Vaska-де, not just to the kitchen,
Not necessary to start on the yard,
As greedy wolf in the sheepfold:
He is spoiling it a plague it plague these places!"
(And Vaska listens, Yes eats.)
Here is my rhetorician, giving vent to the words within,
Not found the end of the sermons,
But what? While he was singing,
Vaska the cat ate all the roast.
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