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[QUOTE=qwerty;4615]Vladimir, catalogue raisonné, published in Russia: Mashkov, Pavel Kuznetsov, sculptor Matveev, Falk, Schwartzman. Catalogue raisonné of Russian artists, published abroad: Archipenko, Kandinsky, Lempicka, Malevich, Poles, Puni, Soutine, Jawlensky. There is a fairly complete catalog by Nathan Altman, Konstantin Christmas, Filonov, Bite, Krasnopevtsev, but directories is the reason they are not, the authors themselves admit that managed to collect not all. Currently in the West are preparing catalogues raisonné by Lansky, Survage, Rabin, Steinberg, Goncharova, Exter. The last two need to be treated with caution: it is definitely known that there will be included the "wrong" wesi@

Alexei Kharlamov forgot. The catalogue was published in 2007.

What 7 years since writing topics, new catalogues raisonné?

And if anyone heard what is possible are in print?

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