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Alexander Nesterets 09.07.2017 02:47

Claude Monet “Dandelions”, the 1900s.
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Claude Monet
“Dandelions”, the 1900s.
Paper on cardboard
The painting bears its author’s signature

The work belongs to Monet’s late creation phase – up to the beginning of the 20th century. Paintings by Monet of that time, as “Dandelions”, look like decorative pictures, whereas the previous ones are perceived as “bright pieces of nature”, drawn from life.
“Dandelions” look more relative, there is no real space here. Attraction of younger French artists to decorativism indirectly influenced Monet’s paintings. On this picture the flowers do not have an existing “place of location”. The artist does not pay attention to where they grow from. Dandelions are monumentalized, turned into an expressive decorative motive.
At the same time all Monet’s pictorial techniques, that helped him to conquer the world, are seen in “Dandelions” in full measure:
1. This is spontaneity of composition decision prompted by sudden inspiration but not by academic regulations;
2. Careless, defocused depict style being called “emotionality haze” and giving a feeling of psychological resilience.
3. A very rich color palette when the grey colour is filled with countless bright nuances and it consists of multiply colourful elements – pink, blue, yellow, purple, warm, cold…
This nuances palette turns a prosy motive, a dandelion, to a festive sight, when saying in a modern way – to an exciting show.
This painting by Monet, the classical artist of the world art, is of absolute art, museum and collection value.
Price : 3M€

uriart 09.07.2017 08:08

Alexander Nesterets, эта работа,одно время,очень активно предлагалась в Украине. Видимо там дураков не нашлось,полезли сюда.

А почему вы пишите на английском? Здесь основная аудитория читает на русском.

Sevrov7 09.07.2017 11:19


Сообщение от uriart (Сообщение 4006061)
А почему вы пишите на английском?

На английском солиднее..

Grigory 10.07.2017 15:41


Сообщение от Sevrov7 (Сообщение 4006131)
На английском солиднее..

Солиднее, особенно если писать из Киева (сужу по айпишнику)...

uriart 10.07.2017 18:43

Grigory, значит все еще по Киеву гуляют эти одуванчики?
Достаточно посмотреть каталог-резоне чтобы понимать с чем имеем дело.

artman 10.07.2017 19:32

Я ее видел,но не в Киеве:D

uriart 10.07.2017 20:45

artman, стать приобретателем желания не возникло?

se8an 10.10.2019 04:14

В Молдавии наверно :)

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