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Artgall 24.02.2015 19:32

Fedor Alexandrovich Vasiliev
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Fedor Alexandrovich Vasiliev (1850-1873,) - a talented painter, a master of landscape. Born in Gatchina. His father worked as a petty officer. A boy at the age of 12 (1862), Vasilyev gets to work in the post office. At the age of 15 (1865) moved to St. Petersburg, where he studied at the Drawing school of the Society for the encouragement of arts, worked as an assistant conservator of paintings Sokolov P. K.. With had was already a regular participant of exhibitions organized by the Society for the encouragement of arts.
In 1868 spends the summer with Shishkin in the village of Konstantinovka, where creates rural landscapes. Impact on Shishkin Vasiliev obvious. Most of the work Vasiliev very detailed picture of trees and turf. Only the colors more vivid and saturated, more work with shading.
1. “The return of the herd” (1868) - won the main prize at the exhibition of the Society for the encouragement of arts.
In 1869 created landscapes in Znamenskoye Tambov province, then in the village Hotel Sumy province, where he stayed at the invitation of count Stroganov.
In 1870, makes a trip along the Volga, which was invited Repin, where he wrote the magnificent scenery.
2. “View on the Volga ” (1870)
3. “The thaw” (1871)
In the winter of 1870, making sketches for the painting “the Thaw”, contracted tuberculosis. Count Stroganov, to improve the health, invited him to stay at his estate. The summer of 1871 Vasiliev holds the count in Voronezh and Kharkov provinces, but it has not helped the artist to be cured.
In the same 1871 becomes oleodinamica student at the Academy of arts and was awarded the title of artist of the First degree. The society for the encouragement of arts, provided Vasiliev funds for a trip to the Crimea for treatment, and he goes there in 1871.
4. “Wet meadow ” (1872) - for this picture gets the title of class artist of the first degree” from the Academy of arts.
Unable cured, Vasiliev dies in Yalta in 1873, and was buried on Polikurovsky cemetery. Within a short time of his life Vasiliev created the scenery, unparalleled with any of the existing schools.

Source: http://artgalleru.ru/

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