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Тютчев 10.09.2009 19:43

Funeral Moscow
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The new Master Plan of Moscow threatened total destruction of the city. The results achieved are impressive, too - since the beginning of the 90 destroyed more than 700 historic buildings. Grigory Revzin, Boris Pasternak, Julia Mezentseva and seven other experts Svetlana told Reuters that already happened and what can happen

Alexander Mozhayev, editor of the site "Arhnadzor»:

"One of the most incredible homes in the old Moscow, the palace Mason Novikova, 30 years was abandoned. As a result, the Office for Protection of Monuments authorized the demolition and construction of the replica. Under the guise of the only possible way to preserve the monument. In the past year lost the oldest wooden house in the city of Frunze Street, built in the early XVIII century. There was "replaced by a restorative material. We are talking about the destruction of monuments formally agreed at the highest level.

Ten years ago, when the demolition went to Moscow in an avalanche, it became clear that now the same could happen with any of the historic city of Russia, and this is really going on. If Moscow can, why can not others? In addition, for no one was punished - in Moscow, there is no such practices. However, the recent Heritage Committee for once ever managed to penalize those responsible for the demolition of a protected home for Rusakovskaya Street - 49 thousand rubles. pay the fine and will build a "boutique hotel in the classical style for people with high social status" . What happens with the Children's World "? Five years ago, the building took on the state protection, and then some visiting committee quietly corrects the so-called object of protection, removing from it not only interiors but also the materials of construction of walls. This is also difficult to find logic: give up the legendary shop, one of the symbols of the city, on the typical plastic supermarket. But investors require immediate return of the money invested, but no one dares invest in the future, no one thinks of as a commodity. Although it often happens that it's not the greed, and savagery in the unit. Once I talked with the man who directed the demolition of the former police station on Tver Boulevard. House with a rich history, "birthplace of Russian spying", inside - Chamber of XVII century. First, the developer was allowed to disassemble the later additions. They started doing this, not strengthen the bulk of it, of course, cracked. "Thy mother, - they say - the house-then we cracked!" Then they were allowed to make out even half, then another half of the half as if she collapsed. In general, there remained only a tiny amount of boyars vaults and trims. We tried to raise the noise, and then contacted by the same developer. In the office, invited the coffee poured, so polite. "What are you - said - are nervous, that we have such a scientific restoration: we will analyze it, and then folded back out of the same bricks! You are here when the last time abroad were? And I have visited 38 countries and tell you that this is totally normal European practice ". A week later, the house cleaned sryli bulldozer, we do not even measure the properly managed. Incidentally, this is the site foreman uttered the phrase which became famous: «Dismantling drift is not».

By address Tishinskiy B. Lane., 44/30, demolish house 1908-1911 period architect VM Uglichaninov

Тютчев 10.09.2009 19:48

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Grigory Revzin, editor in chief of the architectural magazine "Draft classic»:

"The general plan within the meaning of - a plan for city development. For any of need resources, people and capital. The paradox of the General Plan in that the people for its development is entirely unnecessary. The citizens expect from the plan of dirty tricks, and the authorities - cavil offended by Muscovites. It's an amazing strategy: imagine that you bring your team business plan, and the team expects from you only filth - so it is impossible to develop.

The main idea of the new plan is that the allocated zone of the reorganization and stabilization zone. Stabilization - within the Boulevard Ring, parks and areas around the monuments. This means that 80%of the city may do anything. And what exactly you want the current government is not clear. Dividing the city into zones of reorganization and stabilization - is a division of zemshchina and oprichnina. The first can live, how they lived, and the second we will do what we want. This feudal principle. For power in the city there is another valuable resource - land. And one problem: there are people. Now, if they were not, then absolutely it would be good: and sell can be expensive, and bear without looking. All the laws of the land law is based on the concept of ownership. In Moscow, there is no property, there is a lease. If some people want to build a house, then he must make the draft, according to which can receive from the government land on lease, and in return he must render service. And if he has done this service, sold the land to the new owner, then he can not now so easily start construction. No, he should prepare a new project documentation, get a new government decree, and render again.

In comparison with the Soviet system, it is a sharp reduction to the most savage: the feudal lords are great ability to manipulate people, but people can not do anything. And though the Soviet system differed rare exotic, it nevertheless supported some of the values inherited from the previous state. These values place is not found. Here's a monument. This value. But whose? Who should pay for it, who gets the income? As part of the feudal system of such entity no. Monument - a kind of public good, greatly hinders feudal administration: Moscow government, prefecture, city administration. There is a contradiction between the no man's land value and property interests. Three years ago, with me by e-mail has contacted a man under the pseudonym of Man without a tie. He wished to remain anonymous, wrote the text, which had a detailed list of what it costs the harmonization of design documentation of the building in all instances. Since the material came a strange story: when it was published in my magazine project classics ", I thought it was a bomb. Kuzmin, Moscow's chief architect for the publication I was scolded, and then all the architects were familiar to me to say that city planning officials that material otkserokopirovali, laid on the table and are guided by these in the text of the money as seed price list. I thought , the publication will blow up the system from within, and she had stabilized her. By the beginning of the crisis in the three years outlined in the figures - and you can easily find them, by driving in the search box the words "A man without a tie" - grew by 3-4 times.

Volhonka, 13
Was: XIX century mansion.
So: Gallery Ilya Glazunov

Тютчев 10.09.2009 20:04

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Michael Shulman, chairman of TSG "Christmas B-p, 10/17»:

"After two years of struggle Moscow circuit weaning attics I know how my five fingers. This happened in our house since. Someone Zhurbin bought an apartment on the top floor. Immediately work began in the attic. In our objections, he replied: "This scheme is oily, do not waste your life. We are still filed in court, and a year later it became apparent ordeal scheme.

First produced fake documents: a photocopy of the certificate of ownership photoshop vrisovyvayutsya other figures already given the attic. Counterfeited floor plan, put fake stamps. The package agreed upon in Dese Meshchansky district and delivered in Moszhilinspektsiyu. It was made an extract from the minutes of the general meeting of owners of the house. Allegedly, three-quarters of the owners consented to the alienation of the attic. Signatures of tenants in this statement is not only painted a resident of a communal apartment. That is, such a paper room - inside the illegal act, and then later on it navorocheno securities so that it is not visible rotten middle. In Meshchansky district of Moscow, these lofts - on every street. We have filed an application for a criminal case. ATS Meshchansky district we refused. We appealed the denial of the prosecutor's office. Again, failure. And so 8 times! Only after complaints to the Attorney General's Office filed the case. And then it began. Counsel Zhurbinova told me: «Since you still will understand, collect dud, burst out of the house». Come on threats on the phone to my sister Larissa, who lives in the same house. Then in the courtyard pinned my mother. And if two years ago, we just telephoned and shouted that we were retracted in its Israel, now the threat has become more focused. Last summer, on the landing attempted to strangle the girl from the back like my sister. In June of this year, we broke into the apartment of a man attacked my father and started shouting: «Where is Michael? I have it in pieces less often! » In April, twice set fire to my car - first outside, then, breaking glass, threw a bottle of acetone there, and the car burnt out inside. A case after six months ended - for lack of "events" of the crime. This Zhurbin was not even questioned!

They will not stop at nothing. They have no choice - and we do not. It should go even the slightest concession, and the house will eat with all apartments. ATS opened a criminal case for ourselves - for allegedly beating a security guard from the association ChOPov "REPEAT". Pre criminal case on its penetration in the attic captured by unknown persons to the loft tenants had not returned to power. Now we write on, to manage their own security. Retreating us Neka da. In the evening, went nowhere, but if we go, then with constant phoned, control. "

Levshinsky lane., 6
Was: XIX century mansion.
So: Preparations for the restoration of the replacement material (at the moment the restoration is finished)

Pokrovka, 7
Was: XIX century mansion.
So: the building depositing into offices

Тютчев 10.09.2009 20:16

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Nick Pereslegin, adviser of the Moscow Heritage Committee:

"Center of Moscow today - is a large office. Center ceased to be residential. Go through the center of the evening - you will find little windows where the light is and the people live. Would be wiser to build offices along the Moscow Ring Road, decentralize the city, create jobs in the suburbs. But the strategy in this respect there. There is a constant migration of people back and forth.

Contemporary architects and designers in the center of Moscow is not needed. All the historical part of Moscow should be declared a monument, and there should work restorers. But even now there is no school, where a trained skilled restorers. It used to be so: if a large firm like the place, on which stands the mansion's history, she could easily be built on the site office. If this is just a beautiful old building, without the status of the monument, then the employer bribes smooth and he can do whatever he wants. If the house passport monument, here was more difficult, but the tacit procedures worked well, and everything depended on the level of the customer. The simplest - "drop" house. The house stood and fell - a natural disaster. With the eviction of tenants used different schemes - someone might threaten, intimidate. Then, when people in different ways evicted, you must obtain a permit for demolition, but it is not easy, if a building - a monument of architecture. Then it was possible to negotiate with the bums ... I'll tell you one story. Several years I worked in a Moscow studio of the designer. Customers came to us from the big firms. The object was to Presnensky Val, a huge car-repair plant. Present, beautiful prompamyatnik, from which Europe would be a speck of dust blew. But the customer wanted to replace it with a shopping complex on half a million square feet of retail space - reteyl, entertainment features, the hotel complex. Customers - people simple, and so we say: «locomotive shed itself, we fall, we have already agreed with the expert. Forty thousand dollars paid ». I can not say that in this situation was to blame for the city. At each address has its own perpetrator - and most of all, I think, to blame the architects. If they were less tractable and more fundamentally, it would have been different. But now the situation is better: only for the year 2008 in the number of newly identified sites included 334 facility. "

M. Nikitskaya, 10
Was: manor wing of the XVIII century.
So: the building depositing into offices

Тютчев 10.09.2009 20:22

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Eugene Asse, professor MArchI, architect:

"When it comes to how to save or destroy the monument, even the most advanced architect will try to persuade themselves that does everything well - because the house will still break, but order already in their hands, and big money. Where to rush? The architect makes his living that designs what he is asked. I am faced with a similar dilemma: I offered to design a settlement, for which he had built to destroy the old park and estate. I refused to do this job, although she offered few hundred thousand dollars. But for me there is a sin: the construction of an office building on Chistoprudny Boulevard next to the theater of the "Contemporary" I was forced to recreate the building of the XIX century. This item has been registered in the protocol of the expert council, and had to make concessions. Although the reconstruction of old buildings, I believe deeply immoral thing - this reanimation of corpses. I tried to do a little blood. However, any architect in my position would say the same thing. The house was built of brick, can not be built from concrete: there are other slopes, the other spans.

Architects are a caste of untouchables. The professional community is practically not expressed on the subject of what is happening, and public control over the architecture, no no. City residents dutifully ate what they offer and the fact that it is now part of citizens outraged General Plan, is surprising: no one understand this plan is not in condition. Being quite radical architect, I understand that people have different tastes and it makes no sense to promote the religion of voodoo in the Orthodox community. Cordially hated me Caricyno enjoyed success with the public. Luzhkov - the perfect chuvstvilische taste of the masses. This taste for me - a dark history ".

Ostozhenka, 16
It was: the house, the birthplace of the philosopher Vladimir Solovyov
So: the new building of the Moscow House of Photography

Тютчев 10.09.2009 20:31

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Marina Khrustaleva, chairman of the Moscow Architecture Preservation Society (MAPS):

"In all Moscow today there are about 10 000 structures, including sheds and gates, built before 1917, and less than 4 000 of them are objects of cultural heritage. Pace, what is now demolished buildings, you can all the old Moscow to wipe out before our children grow up. The historic environment - resources are being depleted, such as oil, gas and water. Replace it nothing. Demolish houses that do not have the status of the monument, simple. If the object is protected by state, then the situation becomes more complicated, but not much. There are three levels of state protection: the object of cultural heritage values of the federal, regional and local values. First degree - most important, but it can be lowered to the first regional and then to the local with the help of expert advice. In favor of any investor, who liked the building, written statement: so and so, it would be advisable to lower the status of the monument. Will a commission of experts (in different years it was the commission at Moscomarchitecture at Heritage Committee, it is now the Interdepartmental Commission Resin), where the proposal is considered. They write an opinion, and the house goes down in status. Then the house are being withdrawn from the list of objects of cultural heritage. This happened with the hotel "Moscow" and the Post Exchange. They were considered to be the item of cultural heritage - this means that within a year after identification, they should have been given appropriate protective status. It took much more than a year, the status for some reason not given, the famous hotel and department store was demolished. such identified sites, which no one has not yet been assigned a status in the archives of the Moscow Heritage Committee, hundreds. The protection of monuments is regulated by the Federal Law № 73-FZ "On Objects of cultural heritage (monuments of history and culture) of RF nations" from 2002. But it applies only to those buildings that are included in the appropriate registers. But full, and most importantly, public registry of monuments or in Moscow or in Russia until recently did not exist. This was a strategically important and secret information. Now the situation is beginning to change, but the full lists in the form of inexpensive illustrated books, or base, as is customary in Europe and the U.S., we still do not.

When in 2006 the post of chairman of the Moscow Heritage Committee came Valery Shevchuk, it was announced that will now fight against violators. The whole struggle has been reduced to the fact that the fall of 2008 for all television channels were reporting on the poor woman, ruining the mansion on the Taganka Square. She, like many others, bought the building, are built on the attic, roughly and absurdly spoiled appearance of the monument. But it was flogging a non-commissioned officer's widow, which is also hiding abroad. Home away from her, but a woman was fined a negligible amount. But such cases - hundreds of them.

In the book "Chronicle of the destruction of old Moscow. 1990-2006 "lists the order of seven hundred historical buildings were torn down or hopelessly corrupted in this era of construction boom. is ready to seven hundred criminal cases, that prosecutors have not been filed. After our first report, "Moscow Heritage. Point of no return "in the Heritage Committee began meeting with the public: during the months anyone could come there for the last Friday of the month and ask his question. It was noisy, not always positive and very tiring "meeting", but they, in my opinion, were extremely important. We must pay tribute to Valery Shevchuk - he just answered every question, he immediately gave orders to their staff and to accustom them to dialogue with citizens. Then, unfortunately, this practice has diminished.

Our first record was released in May 2007, and within six months after its release, not a single registered object of cultural heritage was destroyed. In 2008, the pendulum has swung in the opposite direction, and this year the situation has reached such proportions that did not exist five years ago. Because we all know that we have a crisis. It would seem that there is no money for new construction, and it's time to look after what is left. And with the monuments here because what history: is the house of the nineteenth century. Plaster's down - the seventeenth century. Climbed into the basement - but there archeology. By law, should carry out further studies, but some builders are idle! Investors - too. And in May this year established an interdepartmental committee under the Moscow Government on formulation of objects with historical and cultural value, under state protection as cultural heritage sites of regional significance under the leadership of Vladimir Resin. It has almost the same powers as the Heritage Committee. Here are considering for one hundred times the newly identified sites of cultural heritage. A certain percentage of buildings they pose to health, the rest are being withdrawn from the list. At the first meeting of the committee Resin June 17 saved 80 E, 20 have gone under the knife. But if you look closely, it turns out that 80 addresses - it is mostly single homes and 20 - complexes. Villas, factories, workers' settlements - 131 buildings in total. By the way, at the same meeting it was decided to save and restore complex of houses in Sadovnicheskaya waterfront, but the fact that one house collapsed, and three Tajiks, held in the same house with no one coherent building an underground garage, killing, was demolished and the whole quarter. Without any expert approvals. During the five days. In violation of all rules. And it is - an absolute voluntarism on the background of a very active protests of public organizations, on the background of a very high involvement media.

Moreover, during the summer destroyed the order of tens of historic buildings. in the list accompanying the order "On Combating Terrorism", 110 addresses - all have been demolished by July 1, but slowed down a bit. This is a blatant cynicism, just terror and genocide against the civilian population. The late gradozaschitnitsa Ludmila Melikov, died in early August due to injuries sustained during a picket against the illegal construction at the corner of Rozhdestvenka and Kuznetsk Bridge, gathered a huge dossier on the demolition of each of the architectural monument. Down all the violations of the law. Carried a statement by the prosecutor's office received another batch of threats, and further, nothing happened, no one punished. Her death - the first human death in this field in the history of domestic human rights movements, including the heroic 80-ies, when people chained themselves with chains to the bulldozer.

Potters, vlad. 21
It was: the oldest house Taganka Square
After: squatter recognized illegal

Тютчев 10.09.2009 20:40

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Petr Kudryavtsev, organizer of the club Developers Building:

"Master plan presented - only investment instrument in which even the specialist is not easy to understand. Today , it is advantageous for developers who know how to work in Moscow, for the developers of the old school. That is, those who tried to quickly get funding in the bank, rapidly build a house and at the same rate to sell. What happens next, a developer does not care.

After the crisis, it became clear that the quality of the building in terms of population - an incredibly important factor. is very important how well the building works in the fabric of the city, is inscribed in the situation. The city authorities have made Moscow a testing ground for the implementation of a very large investment projects, which generate a number of issues - transportation, engineering, social. Much of the blame for going to bed and on the architects: the new buildings, which stand in Moscow, were designed and coordinated it with them. And there are huge complexes with which we in the future will certainly have to understand. An example of such buildings - shopping center "European", undoubtedly urban planning mistake, significantly more difficult transport situation.

In most cases, a monument of architecture, recognized by old and dilapidated, could be restored. It all depends on the volume of investment. If all the extra money being spent by investors and developers to "administrative resources" to put on the restoration of monuments of architecture, we were able to bring to Moscow in order. But the developer is more profitable to tear down the monument of architecture and replace it with a plaster cast - you get more commercially interesting building larger area. Situation where the developer takes a bank loan for the restoration of the building, but instead it breaks down and builds a replica there, too, is possible.

Boris Pasternak, the chief architect of the Center of historical and urban research:

"Vacant lots in the city center almost gone. Lots of architectural monuments - the latter does not use resources to developers. At the end of last year glimmer of hope that the crisis brought down the heavy tread of the destroyers, but we are sadly mistaken. In May it issued an order of the Moscow government evacuated about 113 homes, of which more than 80 - in the central district. They were asked to immediately demolish. in the newspapers an uproar, it appeared that the authorities gave the reverse, but the crash occurred in Sadovnicheskaya embankment, and a monumental house number 80 /2 on Sadovnicheskaya, who a week ago to keep going, quickly demolished together with the fallen neighbor. This order is destroyed decision-making procedure of the demolition of historic buildings. Now for the sentencing of the demolition of historic buildings from the new list quite a few blind photographs, brought officials. Previously required to assess the historical and cultural values at home, order a technical inspection, to prove that the building actually collapses (recognition of an emergency at home does not mean a direct path to demolition). Finally, the commission must submit a demolition project, which replaces the demolished building. If a courtyard house was a two-storey mansion, but his place is expected construction of a ten towers, this would be the point buildings and cause for social unrest - spot the boss, and will not demolish the old house, or at least alter the project bids.

Here is the case with Zaikonospassky monastery. The company, which has a paper authorizing the reconstruction of the underpass, but instead dig 3-storey shopping and entertainment complex under the monastery. It seems that these same owners have already udelali part Kitajgorodskoj wall: instead of one tower to recreate another, thicker, and made it a restaurant. They were caught on the fact that the ancient buildings of the monastery they had left in limbo, dug out from under them all the land together with the foundations of the XIV century, made a 7 thousand meters of retail space, but it's tough as - are built from top to crack and crumble. It is possible that if I had not cracked, then we would not notice anything. I think we do not know what is going on inside 80%of Moscow apartment buildings.

Despite all our recommendations, studies and projects have a feeling that all attempts at least something to keep from the old town little productive. dull corporate-city car has no reverse. The late Alexis Komech, Doctor of Arts, allowing himself to criticize the reconstruction of the Manege, dragged into court on charges of "damaging the reputation of the Moscow government." The mechanism of neutralization of information dissatisfied perfected. Any action against the demolition of the building due to personal greed - or sought a non-existent political subtext, as was the case with the Manege, the hotel "Moscow", or Post Exchange. Then said something like: "It hit a mayor." There is a set of labels, which are mounted quickly, and interest in the media immediately decreases. According to officials, even the indifferent attitude to their own city, if it differs from the views of the authorities, the result of political or commercial involvement, and the main question - who is behind this. "

Kadashevskaya Quay
Was: two-storey building of XVIII-XIX centuries.
So: the building for offices Unyielding

Тютчев 10.09.2009 20:47

Вложений: 2
Julia Mezentseva, chief editor of the website ", Moscow, which no»:

"We do not belong to any political party, does not hold positions of responsibility, our hands are untied, and in May 2004 we organized a flash-mob in the memory of the devastated Post Exchange. In July of that year we held a rally outside the house Polivanova, located near the Arbat, a four-day several people came on duty and worked voluntary guides to draw attention to the magnificent classic mansion, at that time, half-burnt. The house was abandoned, and his fate, it seemed, was doomed. We drafted a letter addressed to the Government of Moscow, during an impromptu duty collected 1 371 signatures; in action was an unexpected success, and the tenant of the building, the company "Power Systems", have invested and conducted a thorough restoration. But it all ended so that the feds came in the person of the Agency for the management and use of historical and cultural monuments and ordered the "power system" to vacate the premises and to give other tenants. Ceychas house again looks abandoned and neglected, dirty windows, a fence sink. Situation, when in our country are punished for the restoration and is awarded for the destruction of the monument, I personally do not seem normal. This agency is a quite strange - it is unclear whether they have all security functions. The conscience of the agency, in particular, Venevitinov house, located in Krivokolennyi Lane. This is a monument of federal importance, where he lived and worked Venevitinov poet, Pushkin read for friends of "Boris Godunov", lived Galich. In 1999, in TIB mistaken address, and the house were put in the wrong list of damaged buildings slated for demolition. In his defense then got the whole literary community of Moscow, and quickly acknowledged the mistake. When we took this house, the Moscow government gave way to the house feds, and he was handed over to the Agency for the management and use of monuments in the operational management. Those found tenants. Research began, there were restorers. Then a strange thing happened: tenants evacuated parquet floor of the XIX century, began to tear down floors, somewhere gone part of fireplaces and cast-iron staircase. In the front bedroom was arranged between the columns latrine. We found that the building is on the balance of the agency. It turned out that the contract with the tenant, they denounced, but, despite the fact that the tenant actually brought home to the destruction, he did not suffer any liability.

Butikovskiy Lane., 5B
Was: an ordinary building of XIX century.
So: an elite residential complex

Тютчев 10.09.2009 20:52

Вложений: 2
Oleg Tsalabenok, executive director of "SEC Power Systems»:

"We are in a difficult situation with the former mansion of Lieutenant Polivanov. The lease on the mansion we concluded with the Heritage Committee, and I can not tell their employees not one bad word - of course, at first we had some friction. We, for example, urged that no one needs inactive furnace XIX century, which only took place. The architects explained that in them the spirit of the authenticity of the monument. We agreed. Heritage Committee as the owners were interested in the fact that this ruinirovannogo buildings make an interesting urban object.

I am myself a former official and I know firsthand about the problems associated with the harmonization of the various instances. with the officials I have always had a short conversation - I know that if I refuse, then two days later, I'll do so, that would agree with me, and without any tricks: in this case I drew the administrative resource, complained a higher authority, and insisted upon it. But even powerful resource proved to be powerless in the situation with the house Polivanov. When we started the restoration of the building, strange things began to happen: first came to us people from the nearest ATM and accused us of that, "at the Chess Federation chess disappeared from ivory. Then we received a claim for "recognition of our lease null and void". Decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Arbitration Court decision on the recognition of our treaty invalid canceled, however we still evicted. In private conversation I was told: «You forget about that house. There are big people ». We are not going to give up: in the end, we have spent on the restoration of 191,5 million rubles. I know in this house every nail, every scratch on a log. We restored everything there: the wooden remains of wood, tiles and plasterwork restored to original drawings, even though he was tempted to replace the wooden columns of plastic.

We were evicted from the building three months ago, but it was thrown at the banks, the glass in the web. In winter it just fall apart. The restoration of this city - it is funny but ungrateful. Our people tend to care attitude to foreign ownership - we say, planted special plastic holders for the wheels of office chairs that they are not scratched parquet. And what happened? Even my staff, who were sitting in our office in the cash lane, took out those stands and scratched parquet.

B. Gnezdnikovsky lane., 3 /5, p. 2
It was: the building of the police station (XVII century.)
After: residential complex "Respect"

Pavel 10.09.2009 21:03

I noticed that Paris is out of the streets and how it is convenient and compact. Our architects do not build a city and make plans. Their beautiful on paper in nature so blurred that the walk is not possible and the big blank space. Barbarism in the building in Moscow on the edge of ozyvaetsya loss of old neighborhoods create the image of Russian cities.

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