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LCR 29.03.2010 19:27

Render assistance to the victims of the terrorist attacks on March 29
I can do this from Paris, but it may be, the local administration will try to talk with Mr. Tyuhtinym or even with someone to arrange the auction, the proceeds from which would go to people affected by today's terrorist attacks?

I would gladly give the work of Misha (I know that Misha would certainly have given), and I think that other artists of this forum will support me, and those who do not participate, too, maybe give something.

What do you think? Even if we do not collect a lot of money, it's better than nothing - they will at least partially pay for medical expenses?

Кирилл Сызранский 29.03.2010 19:38

LCR, a good idea.
Even if a separate auction of items does not reach, can be selected charities Thong give lots.
Under the cap and the organizational and support imformatsionnoy Site ARTinvestment.RU.
As it so ... A?

The only bad thing that may not have time sorgonizovatsya, and in summer will be quiet in Sovkome ... Leaves.
But if you create a constant theme in the top-line Auctions section, for example, you can collect and slowly at sentabr, for example.
I was just thinking out loud ... Solve site.

Люси 29.03.2010 19:44

Liana, this is very good, good idea, I join you. .. Especially since we all know that between the promises of the authorities and actual means a huge difference.

LCR 29.03.2010 19:45

I think you can collect a lot of work. I just now start phoning your friends and even going to write a diary - Gelman, Vrubel, Jure Avvakumov (if possible, I do not really understand how to operate blogs), maybe they put a message in itself?

And it's good to somehow start to compile the list of artists who agree to give their work to be seen how many of them recruited. Here I appeal to the administration, please, think of some form, as written Cyril or even somehow.

After treatment for the wounded will be a long and expensive, if we are a little to help them be great, no?

Peter 29.03.2010 19:46

LCR, Thanks for the idea, willing to give rabotu.Napishite in PM.

таша 29.03.2010 20:19

LCR, I also give work only to please write, when and where you want to bring.

LCR 29.03.2010 20:29

Thanks to all responded!

As for the Parisians, I just talked with Oscar Rabin and Volodya Sychev, they too will work.

Dear friends, work to give early, you must first talk to the organizers of the auction, etc., and here all my hopes on this web site administrators who are most likely aware, unlike me, how to organize such things.

But I am happy that now, on the very day when I posted this ad, there are already artists, who have given their consent.

Of course, I'll keep everyone informed of developments.

Thanks again.

I've just received a promise from one party to this forum, not an artist, a collector, to work from his collection, thanks to him so much!

Veronic 29.03.2010 20:41

we are also willing to participate. Thank you, Liana, for your initiative.

Glasha 29.03.2010 21:30

Another real possibility for Muscovites to help the victims of terrorist acts: to donate blood.
Its disadvantage in hospitals happens in ordinary days, but in such terrible - especially. And today, there were calls for the inhabitants of Moscow and the region come to the blood transfusion station.

DSF 29.03.2010 23:45

I am also ready to work.

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